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Awakening Jobs/4th Class?


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We found some hints for new classes. This might be nothing but just a translation mistake but I decided to share it.

In some robe sprites of twRO, 2019-12-04 and 2019-12-23 these were discovered.

  • ABYSS_CHASER (Shadow Chaser)
  • ARCH_MAGE (Warlock)
  • BIOLO (Genetic)
  • CARDINAL (Arch Bishop)
  • DRAGON_KNIGHT (Rune Knight)
  • ELEMETAL_MASTER (Sorcerer)
  • IMPERIAL_GUARD (Royal Guard)
  • MEISTER (Mechanic?)
  • SHADOW_CROSS (Glt. Cross)
  • TROUBADOUR (Minstrel)
  • TROUVERE (Wanderer)
  • WINDHAWK (Ranger)

This is just a vague guess, but we will see in the future.

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Rytech also checked those folders and found files named 레인져 (Ranger) and 마법사 (Sorcerer). So those are for the existing classes. This could mean that gravity is indeed working on those new classes and started to adjust the headgears and robes to fit for the possibly new classes already.

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We got a potential list of some new skills.

  • 강인한 신념: Tough Faith
  • 굳건한 신념: Strong Faith
  • 신실한 신념: Trustful Faith
  • 베네딕툼: Benedictum
  • 렐리지오: Religio
  • 콤페텐티아: Competentia
  • 프레센스 아치에스: Presence Arches
  • 아르구투스 텔룸: Argustus Tellum
  • 아르구투스 비타: Argustus Vita
  • 서번트 웨폰: Servant Weapon
  • 챠징 피어스: Charging Pierce
  • 비고르: Vigor
  • 가드 스탠스: Guard Stance
  • 가디언 쉴드: Guardian Shield
  • 리바운드 쉴드: Rebound Shield
  • 홀리 쉴드: Holy Shield
  • 얼티메이트 세크리파이스: Ultimate Sacrifice
  • 클라이막스: Climax
  • 쉐도우 익시드: Shadow Exceed
  • 포텐트 베넘: Potent Venom
  • 인챈팅 쉐도우: Enchant Shadow

Thanks to @Asheraf and @Sigma

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19 minutes ago, Silf said:

what is heart guardian and contractor?

Heart Guardian is the next class of Super Novice and Contractor is the next class of Summoner.

The picture on #5 is refer to ROM:Eternal Love and it seems their 4th classes names are different from PC version, according to those Chinese words. 

Rune Knight > Magic Swordsman 

Royal Guard > World Aegis

Warlock > Unleashed Mage

Sorcerer > Spacetime Lord

Guillotine Cross > Soul Harvester

Shadow Chaser > Shadow Dancer

Archbishop > Oracle

Sura > Dragon God

Mechanic > Photon Master 

Genetic > Great Creator

Ranger > Star Hunter

Minstrel > Sun Serenader

Wanderer > Moon Dancer

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These seem to be the JobIds for the new jobs.

4255: ARC_MAGE
4259: BIOLO
4262: 인퀴지터

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More skills name were added in msgstring.

I tried to match the skill effect with the name.


Tough Faith : Increases attack power and talent attack power.

Strong Faith : Increases HP and physical resistance.

Trustful Faith : Increases attack speed and Perfect Hit.

Benedictum : Increases POW, CRT and CON.

Religio : Increases SPL, WIS and CRT.

Competentia : Increases talent attack power and talent magical attack power.

Presens Acies : Increases critical damage rate.

Argutus Tellum : Adds physical defense ignoring.

Argutus Vita : Adds magical defense ignoring.

Servant Weapon : N/A

Charging Pierce : N/A

Vigor : N/A

Attack Stance : Increases attack but reduces defense.

Guard Stance : Increases defense but reduces attack.

Guardian Shield : Grants barrier.

Rebound Shield : Reduces damage taken from Sacrifice.

Holy Shield : Increases holy property magical damage and reduces damage taken from shadow and undead property.

Ultimate Sacrifice : Grants instant resurrection.

Climax : Changes the effectiveness of certain skills.

Shadow Exceed : Changes the effectiveness of certain skills.

Potent Venom : Adds physical defense ignoring.

Enchant Shadow : On every attack has a chance that target will receive more damage.

Full Shadow Protection : Protects shadow equipment from being destroyed or divested.

Hell's Plant Powder : Increases damage against plant and formless race monsters.

Attack Device : N/A

Defense Device : Increases physical defense and physical resistance.

Kvasir's Wisdom : Grants user to use ensemble skill alone.

Mystic Symphony : N/A

Geffenia Nocturne : Reduces magical resistance.

Mineworker Rhapsody : Reduces physical resistance.

Musical Interlude : Increases physical resistance.

Sunset Serenade : Increases talent magical damage and movement speed.

Prontera Marching : Increases talent physical damage and movement speed.

Calamity Gale : The rage of wind is flowing within the user.

Wind Sign : Exposes the weakness and appearance with the wind.

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6 hours ago, TONE said:

@Sigma @Dia

Hey guys, your work is much appreciated! 

From what I can gather, all this is ROM stuff right? has there been any evidence that this will come to the PC version also? 

Actually most info in this thread is refer to RO PC data. 

Except the sprites I posted that refer to ROM.

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