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  1. it would be so nice if all servers around the world receive the same update... it will take a lot of years to bRO get the current kRO content
  2. oh, sad... they should change cart cannon even the change will result the players to change their equipment and build... this skill its not "special", it is nerfed 'cause it is not spammable or scaled with def reduction items or buff like thanatos card let's see if this improvement in damage will compensate for the defects that the skill has there are a lot of items that improve damage of cart cannon already, this can be interest
  3. This doesn't make much sense for me... Will there' be a Acid Bomb of Water? Doesn't sound right (dragon breath of water or holy doesn't make sense too...) That's so nice, it's something that will improve genetic a lot! @Sigma Thanks for bringing this information.
  4. well, the game play of genetic gonna change a lot cart tornado has cooldown cart cannon has hard animation acid bomb has been nerfed maybe we will use more spore and hell plant
  5. With this animation, Cart Cannon will it be more spammable? I mean: will we be able to use the skill more times per second? (with cast time and delay reductions) And with this new formula, is the skill still Nevermiss? Will it now be possible to use effects like those on the Thanatos card or Ice Pick? ("Occult Impaction" style damage) Have cast time, cast delay and cooldown changed?
  6. RafaSapia

    Cast Delay

    OK, thanks I'll try that!
  7. RafaSapia

    Cast Delay

    ok, thanks for the answer changing char action by moving it's very hard, and not so effective doing instances I saw some improvement when I was under attack, as you said char action can it be bypassed by monster transformation? like https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/12658/
  8. RafaSapia

    Cast Delay

    hi, guys, some skills have hard animation and can't be used a lot of time even with a high ASPD and cast delay reduction but a guy on bRO tested 100% and 101% of cast delay reduction and some how with 101% was better and by pass the hard animation I don't know if it is a bug, but you guys kown about this? it can be use with other skills like Cart Cannon? unfortunetely I don't have items to test this on Cart Cannon
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