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  1. Christian


    @Sigma does Sharpshooting Updated skills can be still copied by Shadow Chaser or not?
  2. Nice, That's good to hear especially there are some changes/adjustment that was made in skills for 13 main class.
  3. Nice .. Hope Master @Sigma will translate it to us.
  4. I would like to clarify the Skill Behavior: Can you cast more than 1 , before the other one expires? Whenever you use the skill does the poisoning status will lose?
  5. Christian

    Arm Cannon

    @Sigma Thank you.
  6. Christian

    Arm Cannon

    I would like to clarify the Arm Cannon Skill: Does the Arm Cannon only bypass Neutral under Holy, Shadow , Ghost Ball? Correct me guys if I'm wrong so let say If my weapon atk is 500, and total atk is 1000, the endow only affect to 500. All skills under cannon ball works = Neutral force , Element only add in weapon base atk , Only that Cart Cannon bypass endow if you use elemental cannon ball while the Arm Cannon does not bypass. Is that correct? PSS: I was referring the kRO Arm Cannon not Iro
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