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  1. Mountain Helmet [1] Mdef + 10. Reduces delay after skill by 10%. Increases Axe Tornado and Power Swing damage by 15%. If user learned FAW Silver Sniper level 5, Perfect Hit + 50, reduces delay after skill by 10%. If user learned Axe Boomerang level 5, reduces delay after skill by 10%, reduces cooldown of Axe Tornado by 0.5 seconds. If user learned Lava Flow level 5, Has a chance to gain bonus Power Swing damage as percentage equal to base Vit for 10 seconds when dealing physical damage. Reduces damage taken from fire and earth property by 3% per refine rate. If refine rate is 7
  2. Lucky items from April Kachua's Secret Box Thanos Magic Helmet
  3. Items from booster promotion Previous booster gears Booster Shadow Equipment Booster Weapons
  4. Cash items Paradise Shadow Gears
  5. Sigma

    Skills behavior

    AFAIK all of "quicken" skills in KRO work differently from every other servers because the ASPD formula in KRO is different from others. KRO use the renewal ASPD formula. But such formula never be applied to other servers. I don't know why.
  6. Update : Ragcan 2021 April
  7. Taiji Earring (Yellow) MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%. Reduces damage taken from players by 5%. Grants immunity to silence. If user learned Light of the Moon level 5, reduces fixed casting time by 70%. If user learned Full Moon Kick level 10, increases physical damage against small, medium and large size monsters by 15%, recovers 150 HP and 15 SP when killing monsters with physical damage. Class: Headgear Defense: 2 Location: Middle Weight: 50 Required Level: 100 Required Jobs: All Illusion Shield II [1] MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%. If the user's base level is 170 or h
  8. Clever Kerokero Kappa [1] Can't be destroyed. MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%. If user learned Spirit of Land level 1, enables to use Quagmire level 5. If user learned Chattering level 5, attack speed + 10%. Increases magical damage against all race monsters by 8% per each level of Nyang Grass user learned. Increases Catnip Meteor damage by 10% per each level of Meow Meow user learned. If refine rate is 5 or higher, Def + 150, Mdef + 15. If refine rate is 7 or higher, Def + 150, Mdef + 15. Class: Armor Defense: 120 Weight: 10 Required Level: 100 Usable Jobs: All Jas
  9. Think about the skill modifier has been added by 100%. That is it.
  10. Hi. Actually this skill works on most of skill damage but it just add flat damage to the skill. For the example. Mammonite has 600% dmg. This skill adds + 100% to the skill dmg so = 600 + 100 = 700%.
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