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  1. 21. Battle Processor Enchant
  2. 18. Ancient Hero equipment Upgrading VIII
  3. Lucky items from July Kashua's Secret Box Skills shadow set of Star Emperor and Soul Reaper Bull Crown Taurus Diadem Battle Processor
  4. Wandering Duck Doll Pet Bonus When intimacy is Cordial, Perfect Hit + 5. When intimacy is Loyal, Perfect Hit + 10. Taming Item : Shiny Doll Button Food : Cotton Bundle
  5. Intentionally. I'll add to the list when this patch arrives main servers.
  6. 200/70 also expand base level and job level of expanded classes as well. https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7151&curpage=12
  7. Exactly. I guess they received some complaints from players regarding the previous change since they actually nerfed Mettle to no longer affect long ranged physical damage.
  8. Gravity revised (5) today. Below is the table of new effects of Warrior's Grave headgear enchants.
  9. Today we'll introduce the update plan the third quarter of this year that we don't introduced before. 1. Cards illustration update Cards illustration of monsters in Illusion of Teddy Bear, Illusion of Luanda, Illusion of Labyrinth and Geffen Magic Tournament, 38 cards total, will be updated. <38 cards illustration will be updated!> 2. Chat blocking (block sender) function update Chat blocking function will be improved that you won't even see blocked character's shout via Megaphone. <now chat blocking also block their shout too!> 3. Some enchant function update We'll update some of enchant system by giving the guaranteed enchant. At a cost of the large amount of enchant materials or zeny. The enchantment or enchant upgrading will be guaranteed. <This function is added so enchantment will be guaranteed at a cost of the large amount of enchant materials or zeny!> 4. Improves the effects of Warrior's Grave headgear. Among the Warrior's Grave headgear. Some of headgear effects that are lacking compared to others will be improved. <Theses 6 headgear effects will be improved!> (Above : Headgear are Old Protection Crown, Old Driver Band (Yellow), Old Bone Circlet, Old Magic Stone Hat, Old Minstrel's Song Hat, Old Dying Swan) <The effects that were lacking compared to others will be improved!> (Above : The bonus damage of Arm Cannon has been improved from 5% to 15%) 5. Improves some of enchant effects Some of enchant effects will be improved along with enchant function update. Also we'll improve the convenience of some enchant too (EX : Removes Bigfoot transformation of Bear's Power). <It will be more of enchant diversity with the improvement of enchant effects!> (Above : Muscle Fool and Speed of Light penalty are changed to "drains 50 SP per second" instead of "reduces Atk and Matk by 50%" and "drains 400 HP and 40 SP per second" respectively. Master Archer effect is changed from "bow damage bonus" to "long ranged physical damage bonus". Mettle effect is changed from "%Atk bonus" to "melee physical damage bonus".) 6. Increases ownership duration of dropped item. Because the conflict between players that someone use Greed on dropped items of others. We planned to add the cooldown to Greed skill to solve this problem but there are some players disagree with this change. So we'll increase ownership duration of dropped item from 7 seconds to 30 seconds instead. Thank you to the players who gave us the feedback. 7. Sakray server update On the end of July. We'll update the following content to Sakray server. For the smooth testing. We'll add the system that players can copy their character, equipment and items, from main server to Sakray server. 7.1. Third class jobs improvement. According to latest dev note. Some of skill improvement (EX : Soul Destroyer) will be adjusted according to the players feedback. We'll mention the information in Sakray patch notice. 7.2. Fourth class jobs and new systems. We'll update the fourth class jobs with temporary sprite in Sakray server to test the new skills and new systems. The above contents are still under development so it can be changed in the future. source : https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4070230&curpage=1
  10. Prime Corruption Root appears before entering the main room that Amdarais's Phantom / Himmelmez's Phantom spawns.
  11. Sigma

    4th Class Npcs

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