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  2. Changed MsgStringTable Files
  3. ahhhh... where are the change to sorc summons that they promised? they buffed so much homunculus and made me want even more changes in summons also they said it would change the insignias, but it didn't happened... sad
  4. are there any changes for expanded class?
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  6. Sephylon

    4th class jobs

    Are you talking in pvp?
  7. Finally. The new content that has been prepared since the end of 2019! We are excited to introduce "fourth classes" to the players. Currently the team is focusing on development of the fourth classes and skill balance of the third classes. We are preparing to you in Sakray server ASAP. Today we'll introduce the new system related to fourth classes and introduce the skill balance of the third classes. 1. Fourth Classes Fourth classes can be changed from third classes (base level 200 / job level 70) <Finally. The fourth classes are updated!> Fourth classes' max level is expanded to 250. <Max level of fourth classes is 250!> 1. Talent Status System When changing to fourth classes. Status point for raising Str / Agi / Vit / Int / Dex / Luk no longer be given. Talent status point will be given to new "talent status", 6 new talent status are added. The amount of talent status point gained from raising base level doesn't increases as higher level. The certain amount of point is given as level up and bonus point is given when reach specific level. Unlike the normal status. each talent status have a fixed talent status point investment as 1 point. Make the players can check the point investment easier. <New status and stat are added!> Power (POW) / Stamina (STA) / Wisdom (WIS) / Spell (SPL) / Concentration (CON) / Creative (CRT) The effects of each talent status as below. <New talent status!> 3. New secondary status : Talent secondary status Adds 6 new secondary status that related to talent status. 3.1. Power Atk (P.Atk) : Increases final physical attack power by % 3.2. Spell Matk (S.Matk) : Increases final magical attack power by % 3.3. Resist (Res) : Reduces physical damage taken before physical defense is applied. 3.4. Magic Resist (Mres) : Reduces magical damage taken before magical defense is applied. 3.5. Heal Plus (H.Plus) : Increases final heal effectiveness by %. 3.6. Critical Damage Rate (C.Rate) : Increase power of critical on "140% damage increases". 4. Adjustment on critical damage modifier As we mentioned on previous dev note. The effectiveness of critical damage modifier on critical-able skill will be halved. And as we told before. we'll improve the skill damage formula on critical-able skills to compensate this change. <This is before and after the implementation of the patch (same level / items / buffs)!> 5. Third classes skill improvements. This contents is posted in jobs improvement project thread. Please note the above contents are on development and can be changed in the future. source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4064142&curpage=1
  8. I want to check which formula is correct in KRO? Some TwRo players test and verify this formula : (150xSkill level + 5xSTR + (100 * Throw Huuma Shuriken's Skill level))xBase level/100 % but some information which is found in KRO forum is this (150xSkill level + STR + (100 * Throw Huuma Shuriken's Skill level))xBase level/100 %
  9. Silf

    4th class jobs

    If they want to keep each class specific they have to rework entire job 3 skills (it won't happen). Many job 3 take over others class role. Rune knight replace wizard precast, Sorcerer have better magic than warlock, etc. They should add more buff and passive skill. Job 3 have very few passive skill. Some example: - One hand quicken can be use without spirit. - Gx should have fastest walking speed, not genetic. - Ranger should have further zoom, they gave it to sitting taekwon instead. - Treat mado as normal ride like peco. - Upgrade armor skill. - Royal guard should be the best tanker, not sura (it already broken since job 2). So stat for attacker class is a lot of power, some concentration, decent creative. I believe they haven't spend all stats point yet. Calculate with https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ekomersial.rocalc it possible to do 6 100 stats on level 200 and still 317 points left. Level 250 will make 6 100 stats common. Build will become even more boring. Its already broken since gravity implemen stupidly costly stat over 100. Imho they should increase max stat point to 250 and keep the cost linear. It will make builds more specific like prerenewal.
  10. RafaSapia

    4th class jobs

    Nice work, @Dia n' @Sigma Thank you for sharing this information with us 120/100/100/70/100/107 in "base" status this is a lot! I know that everything can change until launch, but do you know if a number of status points have been released that we will have at level 250?
  11. Yes. There are the new formula of both skills for sure. But how can I know?
  12. they just deprived their players time from using their rings/halter and other kafra buffs
  13. Mostly from internal changes, nothing really changed.
  14. Is the list not updated? Its blank for me, thanks
  15. Added Pet Changed Skill Item
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