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  2. Some of the class' skills are on youtube as well.
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  4. Oh you're right. It seems this bonus only apply to Rogue classes.
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  6. Runemaster looks more like a GX than... well, the Soulblade Cross. God I hope the actual RO sprites don't look very close to that. Those are... pretty bad.
  7. Hi @Sigma But i see this boots in kRO database its written like this. Is it right ?
  8. ROM already reveal their 4th classes. source : https://www.facebook.com/cremisi26
  9. Added Item Changed Quest Item Files
  10. Added Accessory Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Map Item Files
  11. Added Item Changed Item Files
  12. Hello @Sigma What's the new formula for Gates of Hell? It applies ranged modifiers (such arch skeleton card)?
  13. The skill deal holy magical damage. So holy property enemies will take no damage from the skill. For angel race enemies. It still take damage if their property is not holy.
  14. Hi sir @Sigma I have question about the Magnus Ecorcismus skill. It says it now hits all monsters, with bonus damage to Undead and Demon race and Shadow and Undead elements. Does it also hits Angel races and Holy element monsters? Thanks in advance sir.
  15. ._.

    4th Class Npcs

    looks like not all 4th job changing npcs were added (yet) yes? at least for the names tho...
  16. So in the end the main Fokus was Raw Sp, than Max Sp% and Atk... Even if my server is not that ahead like kro or smr, I think more should be possible. I just thought that complet Illusion Morpheus+Illusion Leg +9 with Double Mental was optimal. But I need more tests than with different gears. Still I wish to know how the new formular is, how I can quick math it and stuff :c
  17. Well you asked how ppl hit more than 20m in asura. I showed it is possible to hit, with only kro equips, over 20m with no help from others. For me was fun to test because I'm also a asura fan. When I was hitting 10m I was really proud and satisfied, the difference to 12m~to 20m is that I need to change enchants to raw sp. Maxsp% and atk are secondly.
  18. I just wondered how the perfect enchants variant on +11 could work. I have no clue about how the actual formular is and how the optimal build is, thats why I asked here around for that. My max was sadly 6m with 10k Sp alone, so I really needed advices how to build it proberly
  19. In Sm is not practicable enchanting old gears, the cost is too heavy. When I tested the morpheus set(with no enchant) the difference was so huge that i just put morpheus set aside, and I was testing x a poorly version of the set that I showed. I remember I was hitting 6k dmg with arround 6m sp with morpeus, and hitting 10m dmg with 10m sp with the poorly set. So I dont think is possible to arquive 20m+ asura with morpheus set, even with perfect enchants. from 5m to 20m is a huge gap. But if you want to keep morpehus set is fine. pks, kssi are difficult to find with sp enchants while str sout with sp enchants is cheap
  20. So Raw Sp>Max Sp but still I wonder how Raw Sp+Max Sp+Some atk (Like Power Nivine Enchant on Illusion Morph Hood+Garment) would effect the build. Even the Accesory gives some good Raw Sp with perfect Enchants (300 each). But I would be curios how a good build looks like. I mean 20m with Priest Skills is exactly my goal at the moment (Still my favorit build of all things). Sadly we dont have Costume Stones so this point is not an option at the moment.
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