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  3. Added LapineDdukddakBox Quest PetEvolution NpcIdentity MonsterSize MonsterEffect SignBoard Item Changed Achievement LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Quest Item
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  6. Added Item Changed HatEffect Skill Item
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  11. Added Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox Map Item Efst
  12. Gravity published a small sneak peek for the upcoming developer notes. There are barricades and some rooms look like there is a good spot for the emperium. There could be elemental towers players can "build". This could be a hint for a new episode for the siege war: fourth edition.
  13. Added Quest Item Changed Quest HatEffect Skill
  14. Added Item Changed HatEffect Item
  15. Added Item Changed HatEffect Item
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  17. Added LapineUpgradeBox Quest Accessory SignBoard Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox Quest HatEffect Skill Item
  18. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Item
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  20. Added Item Changed HatEffect Skill Item
  21. Added Item Card Changed MsgStringTable HatEffect Item Efst
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  23. Hi, Sigma. how long lasts soul ascet's blessing of 4 directions and 5 elements?
  24. When request divine API(item information) with server info, some item information does not exist. (404, page not found) For example : https://www.divine-pride.net/api/database/item/(itemID)[email protected]##$$~~&server=kro itemID 1000610 : Rune Knight Stone(Upper) itemID 1000611 : Rune Knight Stone (Middle) itemID 1000612 : Rune Knight Stone (Lower) Item 100610, 1000611, 1000612 is available in kRo. In addition, so many item information have the same problem. Remove "server=kro", it returned item information in English. Is the divine API(item info) with "server" parameter working normally ?
  25. Added Item Changed HatEffect Item
  26. Added LapineDdukddakBox Quest NpcIdentity Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox HatEffect Skill Item
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