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  5. Mountain Helmet [1] Mdef + 10. Reduces delay after skill by 10%. Increases Axe Tornado and Power Swing damage by 15%. If user learned FAW Silver Sniper level 5, Perfect Hit + 50, reduces delay after skill by 10%. If user learned Axe Boomerang level 5, reduces delay after skill by 10%, reduces cooldown of Axe Tornado by 0.5 seconds. If user learned Lava Flow level 5, Has a chance to gain bonus Power Swing damage as percentage equal to base Vit for 10 seconds when dealing physical damage. Reduces damage taken from fire and earth property by 3% per refine rate. If refine rate is 7
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  7. What Stat Points is Auto Blitz' damage based from in the coming future? As far as I know currently it is based on Int? Ive read somewhere that other servers are basing its damage on Agi and Dex already.
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  11. Paradise Shadow Gears
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  16. Anyone know how Costume Enchant Stone works on kRO? I didn't find any topic about this. Like this, for example: https://divine-pride.net/database/item/25448
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  19. I stopped updating and translating patch notes on the wiki in 2020, so don't ask me about recent patch notes.

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