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Valentine's Emblem Box Valentine's Emblem Unknown Item #14952 Thai Perfume ASPD Thai Perfume MATK Thai Perfume ATK 사과의 마음이 담긴 선물 의문의 알III Costume: 기린의 날개 LUK Biscuit Stick Box DEX Biscuit Stick Box INT Biscuit Stick Box AGI Biscuit Stick Box VIT Biscuit Stick Box STR Biscuit Stick Box LUK Biscuit Stick DEX Biscuit Stick INT Biscuit Stick AGI Biscuit Stick VIT Biscuit Stick STR Biscuit Stick Thai Perfume(CAST) Thai Perfume(ASPD) Thai Perfume(ATK) Thai Perfume(MATK) Convex Mirror Thai Perfume Gibbet Card Costume Easter Egg Shell Costume Elephangel TH Costume Flowery Vision 의상 스윗츠 봉봉 Costume Let It Snow 의상 짹 [Costume] DJ Kitty (服飾)泡泡聖天使波利髮箍 Costume White Clay Filler Costume Poring Jars Of Clay 의상 달콤이 헬멧 Costume Mini Chocolate Hat


Horn Scaraba Antler Scaraba Egg Antler Scaraba Antler Scaraba Horn Scaraba Egg Queen Scaraba Rake Horn Scaraba Rake Horn Scaraba Egg Rake Scaraba Uni-horn Scaraba Uni-horn Scaraba Egg YSF01 Seyren Pet child Venomous Chimera Material Chimera Human Chimera Elena Bolkova Grudge of Broken Gun Heart Hunter Ebel Heart Hunter Guard Upgraded Heart Hunter Special Guard Fortified Marin Reinforced Poring Reinforced Poporing Reinforced Drops Giant Amering Giant Goldring Great King Poring Zombie Farmiliar Skeleton Blue Teddy Bear White Teddy Bear Green Teddy Bear Yellow Teddy Bear Red Teddy Bear Vicious Mind Haunted Obsidian Soul Fragment Hardworking Pitman

New servers in Philippines and Malaysia & Singapore 0 Comment(s)

There are new servers in Philippines and Malaysia & Singapore opened by Electronics Extreme, the same publisher as tRO.

You will find their websites here

pRO :
mysgRO (will have it mRO called in patch notes):

I renamed the old mRO & pRO data to be listed as mROX and pROX. The new data will be listed as pRO and mRO data.

Battle Reports 0 Comment(s)

I just released a new feature for testing. This is called the battle reports. You may upload your replay, wait for it beeing analyzed and then browse through some details about damage done, healing done or spell casts.

Note: War of Emperium damage will not be shown since it is not in the replay files.

February Update 0 Comment(s)

A new version of the website just went live. This version allows you to favorite monsters, items, skills, quests, achievements and titles. You will also see relevant favorites based on crossover favorites of other users.

I also corrected one this. This mistake was live from the beginning of The monster attack should be calculated correclty now. The monster information also shows the magic attack of the monster. They were mistakenly merged together as min attack and max attack. Sorry for this misleading information.

New Website online 3 Comment(s)

I just released the new version of the website. There are a lot new features you might want to explore.

  • Signatures - At the moment it is very limited to a few servers I am parsing replays. You can create small character images to use as an forum signature.


  • New Layout with less bugs and many improvements.
  • You can now reset your mvp timer times.
  • Box Simulator - You can open containers like Old Card Albums or Old Blue Boxes to simulate them.
  • - feel free to use them on your site.
  • OpenSearch - You can type "" in your Chrome to search the monsters, items and more.


Please report any bugs you find in the feedback area.

Advertisements 0 Comment(s)

I activated some adsense advetisements for forum and database.

I am not a friend of advertisements, but I am trying to cover the hosting costs at least. So if you want to support, please disable your adblock on * sites.

New Forum 1 Comment(s)

We got a new forum! You will have to create a new forum account, login with it on and then either link it with your existing account or create a new one by clicking "new account".

Once your accounts are linked you will just have to login once with the forum login. Your api key is still active.

Thimbleweed Park 0 Comment(s)


today I am writing a small off-topic news.
On 30 March Thimbleweed Park is getting released. I loved to play point & click adventured many years ago. Really loved Monkey Island. Thimbleweed Park is a modern mystery adventure game from the creators of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion.

You can find the game on Steam. Saldy there is no price yet.

If you are going to play it, I wish you the most of fun with it :) Feel free to join the Discord Server for Thimbleweed Park.

Missing bRO updates 0 Comment(s)

bRO updated the patch file information last week. I just updated the new filenames. Updates should be coming soon again.

Sorry for the delay.

Datamining and Future of 1 Comment(s)

Some of you already recognized the pet tab for some monsters and items.

I am currently looking for replays with cute pets to get more information about their hunger, intimacy and food. I got most values for older pets, but still missing it for new pets.
Feel free to drop your replays on the datamining page.

I hope to implement some more features in the future.

  • AI downloads
  • Skin downloads
  • More information about pet evolution
  • Maybe some kind of "suggest translation"
  • Information about skill casttime and delay
  • Updating the data
  • Browsable gallery

Episode 15.2 0 Comment(s)

I just finished updating the database up to episode 15.2. This should include Crimson weapons and verus monsters.
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.