Welcome back Ragnarok Prime 0 Comments

After a small chat with the team of Ragnarok Prime (euRO and ruRO) we found a way how I can receive game updates so I can parse them automatically with the dataminer of divine-pride.net.

I just updated to the latest client files and there should be changelogs for upcoming updates, starting next week.

A great thank you to the Ragnarok Prime team for your cooperation!

Reorganizing the item classes 4 Comments

I am currently reorganizing the item classes for divine-pride.net. I don't like the mixed translations ragnarok online currently has. Like in item descriptions they use different item classes for the same thing.

Some examples about this

  • Whip, Rope
  • Knuckle, Fist, Hand
  • Pistol, Revolver

The other point is the classificiation if an weapon is a Two-handed weapon or a One-handed weapon.

Sigma and I discussed these and how we want them to be named. For the weapons we are a bit undecided and want to collect some feedback. For Two-handed we already decided but how do you like the One-handed weapons? In other games they have like Axe, Two-handed Axe, Sword, Two-handed Sword, so everything which is not Two-handed is automatically One-Handed. Ragnarok has One-handed on some items. Which one would you prefer?

Another question we got - Should be use Foxtail or stick to One-handed Staff (maybe without One-handed) for them like Gravity did?

Hardcore mode 6 Comments

While datamining and reverse engineering the latest kRO client I found some interesting new parts in it.

There is a new checkbox in the character creation screen indicating the character to be a hardcore character.


If you create a hardcore character you need to confirm it's a hardcore character and if it dies you can't play it anymore and loose all items in the characters inventory. The character select will show a text and an icon to indicate a hardcore character


If your character dies ingame, you don't have the option to respawn but you will see what enemy killed you.


Hardcore characters are still visible in the character select showing the tomb sprite.


If you try to enter the game with that character it will only show a information about the death.


This feature is not active yet, but it seems like gravity is planning to add a hardcore more like in Diablo or Path of Exile to the game. We currently have no information about a possible release date.

API Limit 0 Comments

In the next few weeks I will add a limit to the api requests. It will be something like 2500 requests per hour.

If you are currently using the api, think about caching the data. If you know you will need more than 2500 requests because your service requires uncached results, please contact me in discord so we can talk about it.

Most of the current api users will never reach the limit, but there are a few users who will receive a "Rate limit exceed" message when using the api.

Siege - Fourth Edition 3 Comments

Gravity published a small sneak peek for the upcoming developer notes.


There are barricades and some rooms look like there is a good spot for the emperium.


There could be elemental towers players can "build".

This could be a hint for a new episode for the siege war: fourth edition.

dpRO - official Server 11 Comments

I am glad to announce we finally were able to get a license from Gravity for hosting our own official Ragnarok Online.
divine-pride Ragnarok Online will start with some special features

  • Episode 18
  • UTF-8 Client, so you are able to write all languages in chat
  • Multilanguage client and npcs
  • enchanced trading system via web
  • a huge database of monsters, items and quests
  • and many more

The launch of divine-pride Ragnarok Online will be at the end of May.
Please stay tunes for more information soon!

Episode 19 guide 0 Comments

Hazyforest just released an episode 19 guide covering all parts of the new episode including the main story, the dailies item exchanging and enchantments!

Head over to Hazyforest - EP19 guide to get all this cool information!

Thank you very much for the effort!

Changes to divine-pride.net 2 Comments

I just pushed a new update to divine-pride.net. This will bring a few changes

  • You can now switch on the monster detail page to see different server types, changing the monster stats, the drops. Skill usage and spawn is planned for the future. The last selected one is saved and used the next time you access a monster page if you are logged in.
  • Renamed Location with Subtype in armor and costume search
  • Added the real Location to armor and costumes, so you are now able to filter by Upper/Middle/Lower headgear. These options will search for any location including the selected one, even if the item covers more locations (Upper + Middle)
  • The skill api will now include the technical key, like SM_BASH
  • Api requests got their performance improved a bit
  • Fixed low level monsters not showing up in the search

Episode 18.1 - Direction of Prayer 0 Comments

Episode 18.1 went live last week on kRO main servers. The community worked hard to gather information about the update including guides, translating items and datamining monsters.


After succeeding in analyzing the Illusion's power in Varmundt's Mansion, your journey takes you to back to the capital of Arunafeltz to uncover a societal division among its people. Rachel was founded by the missionaries who immigrated and preached the Goddess Freyja. However, faith did not resolve the conflicts between the migrants and the natives.

Thank you for your hard work!
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.