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Reorganizing the item classes


One-handed weapons - how do you like them?  

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  1. 1. One-handed weapons - how do you like them?

    • One-handed included, e.g. One-handed Axe, One-handed Staff, One-handed Sword
    • One-handed removed, e.g. Axe, Staff, Sword

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I am currently reorganizing the item classes for divine-pride.net. I don't like the mixed translations ragnarok online currently has. Like in item descriptions they use different item classes for the same thing.

Some examples about this

  • Whip, Rope
  • Knuckle, Fist, Hand
  • Pistol, Revolver

The other point is the classificiation if an weapon is a Two-handed weapon or a One-handed weapon.

Sigma and I discussed these and how we want them to be named. For the weapons we are a bit undecided and want to collect some feedback. For Two-handed we already decided but how do you like the One-handed weapons? In other games they have like Axe, Two-handed Axe, Sword, Two-handed Sword, so everything which is not Two-handed is automatically One-Handed. Ragnarok has One-handed on some items. Which one would you prefer?

Another question we got - Should be use Foxtail or stick to One-handed Staff (maybe without One-handed) for them like Gravity did?

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I certainly like having a clear weapon type name.

As for 1h vs 2h, it's very good to have this clarification too. 

About foxtail, I'd prefer it to be One-handed staff with Job: Doram as it's what it is (in terms of aspd, can Super Novice wear it with Soul Link or not, and specific card bonuses like "when compounded in 1h staff or 2h staff, matk +5%")

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