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Condensed Sakray's Regret
100486 Sakray_Regret2

사크라이의 후회가 응축되어 담긴 보석.
페니텐티아 무기에 사용 시, 마법 관련 옵션 3가지를 부여할 수 있다.
Weight: 1


These information ignore any conditions. If an effect required an item upgrade it will just be displayed.

Item information

Sell price -
Weight 1
Type Consumable
Subtype Special
Can be dropped by player yes
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC yes
Can be send via mail yes
Can be sold as an auction yes
Can be placed in guild storage yes
Added 2020-11-04
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.