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Patchnote : 18/08/2021


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On 18/08/2021. KRO will add some of cash items to be dropped from monsters in certain dungeons along with new items. The details as below.

1. EDDA Fall of Glast Heim (hard mode)
- Young Leaf of World Tree (Str), Young Leaf of World Tree (Dex), Young Leaf of World Tree (Agi), Young Leaf of World Tree (Int), Young Leaf of World Tree (Vit), Young Leaf of World Tree (Luk).

2. EDDA Somatology Laboratory
- Ancient Hero's Patent Cube, Ancient Hero's Will, Patent Ancient Hero's Weapon Box, Ancient Hero's Boots, Great Hero's Boots.

3. Horror Toy Factory
- Celine's Dress.

4. Thanatos Tower instance
- Thanatos's Odium Mask, Thanatos's Maeror Mask, Thanatos's Despero Mask, Drooping Thanatos's Dolor, Thanatos's Necklace,
Magic Swordsman Thanatos's Sword (new).

5. Warrior's Grave
- Goral Crown, Bull Crown, Twin Crown, Goat Crown, Lion Crown, Saint Crown, Libra Crown, Celestial Jewel Crown, Taurus Diadem, Spinel Diadem, Jade Crown, Trial Diadem.

6. Tomb of Remorse instance
- Thanos Warrior Helmet, Thanos Shooter Helmet, Thanos Fighter Helmet, Thanos Magic Helmet.

7. Rudus Waste Disposal Plant 4F
- Violet Halo, Battle Processor, Battle Processor [1], CD in Mouth,
Cor Core Booster (new), Cor Core Booster [1] (new).

8. Abandoned Laboratory Amicitia 2F
- Magical Booster, Victorious Wing Ears, Victorious Wing Ears [1], Feather in Mouth,
Rough Core (new).

9. Niflheim Dungeon 2F
- Ninja's Blue Mask, Toy Syringe,
Sealed Chain (new), Sealed Chain [1] (new), Bondage Necklace (new).


source : https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/notice/View.asp?BBSMode=10001&seq=7458&curpage=1

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