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Note : ongoing developements (27/08/2018)

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1. New Edda : Glast Heim's fall.

The new story of Glast Heim will be updated.

With King Schmitz. You will experience the story about the past of Glast Heim!




<Soon you will meet the new story of Glast Heim!>


<You'll engage with king Schmitz, White Knight and Khalitzboobsburg!>

Also, New equipment and enchants regarding to Glast Heim's fall content will be added.


<Meet new equipment and enchants!>


2. Skill adjustment for 1st and 2nd classes.

While we improved and expanded the third class skills. We will also improve prerequisite skills to improving play style of third classes.

First class skills such as Increases Agility, Blessing and Crazy Uproar

Second class skills such as Bowling Bash, Back Stab, Raid, Blitz Beat, Grand Cross, Sonic Blow and Asura Strike.

High class skills such as Clashing Spiral, Meteor Assault, Sharp Shooting and Arrow Vulcan.

Those are skills that we'll adjust. We'll release details through developer note before the update.



<Rune Knight with adjusted Bowling Bash and Shadow Chaser with adjusted Back Stab and Raid>

*my opinion : according to adjusted skills list and teasers. I guess those skills will be adjusted as same as Ragnarok Zero*


3. Illusion of Labyrinth.

New dungeon "Illusion of Labyrinth" will be added.


<Illusion of Labyrinth, coming soon!>

source : http://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&amp;seq=3898433&amp;curpage=1

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