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  1. Is there more info about this? 3. Some enchant function update We'll update some of enchant system by giving the guaranteed enchant. At a cost of the large amount of enchant materials or zeny. The enchantment or enchant upgrading will be guaranteed. <This function is added so enchantment will be guaranteed at a cost of the large amount of enchant materials or zeny!>
  2. well, as for attacking a monster, size & race modifier cards won't increase DB damage. in PvP/WoE scenario if you attack a player and he's wearing hydra card or any other reduct gear (can be WoE gear or gear with ranged dmg reduct), OR water/fire element resist gears (ex, pasana/angeling/swordfish) it will reduce the dmg of DB or wDB. below is the current DB formula. [(CurrHP ÷ 50) + (MaxSP ÷ 4)] × (SkillLv × BaseLv ÷ 150) × (95 + DragonTraining_Lv × 5)% × (100 + Ranged Damage Modifiers)% x (Elemental Modifiers)%
  3. Only long ranged modifiers affects DB formula, asides of MaxSP & current HP
  4. The Acidus is a Trans RK mount? because it looks so good. Can't wait to spam Brandish/Hundred Spears with that mount lol
  5. Yasuo

    Fafnir Doubt

    No, it works for all skills.
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