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  1. Hi again Sigma, the part of new moon its actually a question i dont be clear about. The Shadow Trampling is not reveall the SE but the skill stop him, paralize him. The correct is the kagerou's skill reveall or not reveall the SE? Thanks a lot for the help!!^^
  2. This part "is not reduced by any effect", this skill bypass Cast-off Ciceda Shell Skill ID# 531 and Illusionary Shadow Skill ID# 532 to? Ive a doubt about, cause where im playing this skill is ingoring everything, and the new moon (make the SE invisible) cant be reavell by any skill, even Shadow Trampling Skill ID# 3023 :/..... unfair pvp kage vs se But if it goes on like this, it's only a matter of time before the star emperor takes a hell of a nerf..... i hope so... Tnx
  3. Hello guys, i think those items has been translate to wrong class. Items: 24403 24404 24406 24407 If we translate the korean version on http://kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/itemdetail/24404 and http://kafra.kr/#!/en/KRO/itemdetail/24403, but the kagerou shadow script is only for kagerou and oboro shadow only for oboro? I really dont understand that part. (2 items just to example) When we have a original korean item with kagerou and oboro class the name its like that: 장착: 카게로우, 오보로 The class ninja appears like that: 장착 : 닌자 계열 (the red word is translate to "Ninja" and the other word is evolution or series) And in the original korean description its for 장착 : 닌자 계열 (Ninja Series, can be interpreted Ninja and evolutions) and not to 오보로(oboro) or 카게로우 (Kagerou). And thats the all about the doubt, the item have been modified in others servers and cant find why this happen, I don't know if the item description was misleading, or if in non-Korean versions of the game the item was intentionally modified. Because if we stop to think the kagerou and oboro classes have never had specific items before, what fits one always served the other. Thats all about it. Im new on server, so i dont know if the correct "area" to open this post^^ Thanks for any help.
  4. Hatsumi

    Fafnir Doubt

    Hi guys. This armor (link in the end of the post) have in description: Mdef + 15. MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%. Increases Dragon Breath - Water and Dragon Breath damage by 50%. Increases long ranged physical damage by 2% per each level of Dragon Breath user learned. Reduces delay after skill by 2% per each level of Dragon Breath - Water user learned. If refine rate is 5 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 20%, reduces delay after skill by additional 5%. If refine rate is 7 or higher, additional MaxHP/MaxSP + 20%, reduces delay after skill by additional 5%. This part, in red, is for all skills or only for the Dragon Breath? Anyone can tell me what the formula? Tnx a lot^^ https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/15405/fafnir-scale
  5. Hi Sigma Please help me. I have problem on a server, the ADM insists that the skill Charm will increase the damage in 100% with the 10 charms, cause we dont speak english very well, 1 of us are interpreting on the wrong way what the update says. To me, 1 charm will increase 100% the dmg for Exploding Dragon. To him only with 10 charms the exploding Dragon will be increased in 100% of the dmg. What is the correct answer? Thanks a lot for the job.
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