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  1. Hit barrel is same as Power Thrust that addition in formula not multiply. ex. normal atk = 100%ATK , Round trip = 2500%ATK Hit barrel state -> normal ATK = 260%ATK , Round Trip = 2660%ATK
  2. Attackjom

    Arm cannon

    Arm cannon and Cart cannon are skill that force element to cannonball that's happen in KRO , IRO and now thRO. You can't use Elemental-weapon(ex. crimson weapon) , enchant scroll or endow weapon to change element of this skill.
  3. Def not Dex in arrogant shoes +7,+9
  4. Valkyrie feather ear increase magic attack to all size not physical attack.
  5. There are npc sell syrup at prontera (can't DC). I don't remember exact location but its stand around Illusion Enchanter and Cloth removal npc.
  6. In skill description "Down tempo' has not increase duration to 180 second.
  7. Guardian knight battle axe and Royal Huuma Shuriken also has an "Indestructible" in description
  8. wait for the extended class update O__O
  9. White Thread Mighty Armor [1] I think you miss Unbreakable bonus when refine to +8.
  10. That Doram card is so cute O_O
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