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  1. Ganuuk

    Raging Trifecta Blow

    Since this is the most reliable source we have of kRO-based servers Does Raging Trifecta Blow Crits?
  2. So this is absolutely random, i give one +7 shadow class, and recieve another random refine random stat (1~10 among both possible stats) random shadow of the same type. Seens like a hellish kind of farm.
  3. @Sigma, just a little question about this old rework here, have they touched this skill cd? everywhere i play kRO based servers its 2 sec cd http://ro.gnjoy.com/guide/runemidgarts/skillview.asp?lineseq=6&skillid=2040 but gnjoy says it's 2,5 secs, i got a bit confused, when has this changed?
  4. This is supposedly a kRO video And he gots enchants like "agi +8" and "dex +10" on their shadows... is this new to kRO? or this isn't an official server? (could not find any reliable source other than here)
  5. Hey Sigma, can you answer me if bolt damage +% affects the dmg as whole (the 1500% matk at lvl 10) or if it influences just bolt multiplier?
  6. Hey @Sigma, are these changes been applied to kRO or just to kRO Zero? if they r here do u know this INT influence in formulas?
  7. its str/agi/dex +1 per Weapon crush lvl, isn't it?
  8. Sigma, the way this is translated got me confused, does this one stacks? to grand total of +65 crit and 110% crit dmg?
  9. I was REALLY looking after that, still want to know how Storm Blast will be affected by baselevel and Enchant Blade new formula, but those 400%/lvl Ignition seens awesome. Would still need over 200 crit for nevermiss but that is somewhat achievable.
  10. wow, that means max dmg went to 10000%? tks for the info!
  11. Hey Sigma, sry for bumping old threads but, do you know these skills new damage formulas?
  12. Do we have any info on the new IB/SB/SW formulas? really excited they are going to make them into something viable
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