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  1. wdym dark claw combo? The shadow gears?
  2. https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/5360 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/5358 https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/8053/toxin-of-mandara
  3. theres a search function on this forums. This was on the previous page
  4. where did you hear that from? Afik the only buffs to shield press was that and when they buffed its level to 10, while shield chain only got the range buff + shield shooting buff.
  5. isn't that most of the 4th jobs tho, being used mostly for the new buffs? Classes like cardi, troub/trouv, bio, mies, dk, etc are just there for the buffs/debuff, heck dk barely has any usable skills unless they're spear/db/aa type. Only class I can think of who uses 4th job skills offensively are the shadow x (if counter slash build), wh, and possibly arch mage. I won't deny tho that the other classes do use the 4th job skills to gain ap, tho its either just the biggest ap gaining skill they use.
  6. if you're asking about the acid bomb changes you can find it here
  7. iro is waaaaaaaaaaay behind kro. You'll prob get it there when your grandchildren have grandchildren XD
  8. 6.4 Blitz Beat - Changes damage formula factor to depends on Agi and Dex. - Auto Blitz Beat no longer split damage among multiple targets.
  9. Unlucky - reduces hit, has a chance to fail on casting skill. from sigma's post above. Unless there was a ninja patch on it =x
  10. Sephylon

    Arm cannon

    duno about the converter thing, the iro forums might be a better place to ask. Tho as far as I know, ac uses cannon ball element. As for ac: no. Least not unless iro suddenly catch up with kro in terms of patches.
  11. did kro release any clarification on what they meant with striking's new description of "can be used on party members"?
  12. it says you can chose desired enchant at the first line
  13. 1) most gears need melee phys damage to proc 2) dagger
  14. Isn't the armor supposed to combo with the shoes, not the pendant?
  15. Does super novice spirit allow sunos to use 2h staves?
  16. no, you need the rune knight shadow weapon. Fire breath is a skill shadow gear.
  17. These aren't even live in kro yet, they're still testing it on sakray, chill. Also private servers aren't allowed here
  18. Sephylon

    Mdef Piercing

    are mdef piercing from enchants from something like purified knight shield or class shadows also counted as mdef pierce from items or are they counted differently?
  19. Sephylon

    Mdef Piercing

    How does mdef piercing stack? Lets say I have a +10 class+skill shadow wep and shield combo, which gives me 60% mdef pierce, if an ab gives me expiatio, will it go up to 85? Or if I use a vesper card, will I have 90% mdef pierce vs bosses, 60 vs normal?
  20. Is gate of netherworld is supposed to be physical and magical?
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