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  1. So is the "Dark Claw" damage itself wont get reflected?
  2. Dear Sir @Sigma, is the reflection removal is applied before or after damage? Thank you
  3. Fourth edition? Wait, what's the third? Can anybody please enlighten me. Thank you
  4. What about RG Prestige? Is dodging also count as negating or no? Thank you
  5. By "abilities that can nullify magic of the target", is it like Loki's veil that disable skill or zero"ing Mres & Mdef? Thank you
  6. Dear Sir @Sigma, Sir @Dia, and Divine Pride Community Are those skill count as reflect damage just like Royal Guard's Reflect Shield? If yes, then those skill can bypass Sarah card effect right? And if yes, golden yesterday & venom bleed should affect those skill? Thank you
  7. So now when it's triggered it will deal 3500%*1 + 3500%*3 = 14000% damage?
  8. Dear Sir @Sigma, do you know the skill fail rate from this debuff? thank you
  9. I saw a vid where if you use "Savage Impact" under "Cloaking" (Not Exceed Cloaking), there's no change in damage but you didn't lose the cloaking status. Is this true? Thank you Here's the vid
  10. Is the instance floor only at 12F or start from 9F floor?
  11. Dear Sir @Sigma Regarding reflect shield and venom bleed. Is the reduction from venom bleed a direct substraction of reflect skill value (damage * (0.4 - 0.3) or multiplier after reflect damage( damage * 0.4 * 0.7) ? thank you
  12. Dear Sir @Sigma, I just see some server categorized this skill as "melee" skill, whereas in divine-pride categorized as "range". Can I ask what type is this skill in kRO? Thank you
  13. Dear Sir @Zero Ginand Sir @Sigma, is the ignore def behavior already there from the start or it got implemented on later patch? Thank you
  14. Revenant

    Skills behavior

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda curious is there any different with skills behavior between kRO and iRO? For jRO i know some skills behave differently suck as add cast times and cool down and some skill that should be ignore def are not ignore anymore. But what iRO? Is there any change from kRO or they follow them 100%? Thank you
  15. Is the bonus from this skill added after ((skill * modifier)+maximum) or affected by modifier too?
  16. Dear Sir @Sigma I want to confirm is this skill only affect normal-attack like enchant blade or is it affect skill too? Thank you
  17. Sir @Sigma, Is Golden X have cooldown? thank you
  18. Dear Sir @Sigma, Want to confirm, so the reflected damage player received would be 70%? Thank you
  19. Dear sir @Sigma regarding this skill, is the atk bonus goes to stat.atk or weapon.atk? thanks
  20. Attack Stance Max level : 5 Prerequisite skills : Spear & Sword Mastery level 3 Group : Active Type : Toggle Target: Self Description : Reduces physical defense but increases physical attack power of the user. _ [Level 1] : Def - 40 / Atk + 10. [Level 2] : Def - 80 / Atk + 15. [Level 3] : Def - 120 / Atk + 20. [Level 4] : Def - 160 / Atk + 25. [Level 5] : Def - 200 / Atk + 30." Kinda wonder about this skill, loss 200 def for 30 atk? Shield Spell give 150 atk for free tho...
  21. Dear Sir @Sigma, Related to Cart Cannon, i want confirm the formula On page 7 it stated 4.4. Cart Cannon - Improves damage formula. New damage formula : ((250 x skill level) + ((20 x skill level) x (Cart Remodeling skill level)))%Atk, doubles the influence of user's Int factor. and in page 2 it stated 2. Cart Cannon - Improves damage formula. Damage will scale with base level. New damage formula : (350 x skill level)%Atk. - Reduces the influence of user's Int and Cart Remodeling skill level. New factor : Int/(6 - Cart Remodeling skill level) Is the final formula would be ((250 x skill level) + ((20 x skill level) x (Cart Remodeling skill level))) + (2*Int/(6 - Cart Remodeling skill level)) Thanks for reviewing
  22. Dear Sir @Sigma Is the duration of this status effect affected by base vit only or total vit? thank you
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