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  1. "Applies the bonus value in the skill formula" What can we expect from this, higher or lower damage? Example: +30% damage before vs +30% damage now?
  2. Looks like Meisters can put robots on allies and robots scale with the summoner's stats. This axe wielding technologic warrior thing sounds pretty cool! ­čśŹ
  3. @Sigma Before it was 30% attack speed. Does it work for all weapons now or just a nerf for Axes and Maces? Or better yet, 30% for Axes/Maces and 10% for other weapons?
  4. @Sigma is that the Royal Guard Zodiac Set?
  5. Dark Dragon Breath coming for the new holy property content. Maybe AD scaling with player level? Let's see... And I thought that GXs were already too strong, silly me. ­čśů Also, FINALLY: "melee´╗┐ physical damage modifier´╗┐"´╗┐
  6. I'm assuming the "Magical ´╗┐Intoxication" ´╗┐debuff only increases magic damage on the affected targets, is that correct? Do you have any way to confirm if the debuff changes depending on the level of Comet casted or if a level 1 Comet would already give that huge 50% boost? It may be too soon for this kind of information, so I just want to keep those questions here on file for later.
  7. @Sigma Do you know if the skill "Gravitational Field" for High Wizards still blocks any action from the caster like the old version? Or is it a regular AoE skill now, like Blizzard/etc.? I want to know if it became a viable option against Shadow propriety monsters.
  8. Excellent QoL changes for warlocks. Judging by the gif, I wonder if there are changes on the damage formulas as well. 300k looks high for a Crimson Rock cast with no Mystical Amplification. Of course, we don't know his equipment, so we'll have to wait and see.
  9. When I first started reading, I thought it was a buff for most classes... then I reached the Cooldowns table. 2 seconds on Acid Bob! This is huge.
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