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  1. Sigma's post in kRO Card was marked as the answer   
    Sweetie is one of instance boss in Varmundt's Mansion.

  2. Sigma's post in Raging Trifecta Blow was marked as the answer   
    It did in the first place.
    But cri was removed one week later.
    Because it make the skill can't be copied by rogue classes. 
  3. Sigma's post in Cast Delay was marked as the answer   
    AFAIK hard animation can't be bypassed by delay reduction.
    But can be bypassed by changing character action such as movement or being attacked.
  4. Sigma's post in Arm Cannon was marked as the answer   
    If you refer to KRO. No. Both skills no longer be forced neutral.
    Currently in KRO ball element affects WeaponAtk and EquipAtk only. Not Total Atk like before.
    BTW. Ball element always override either weapon element or endowment even neutral ball. So only 4 elements are available for both skills, neutral, shadow, holy and ghost. Endowment like converter won't work with both skills anymore.
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