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    Today we'll introduce the new systems that will come along with fourth class. 1. Activity Point system When you change class to fourth class. You'll gain an Activity Point (AP) following HP and SP. AP will be used by some powerful skills. Max value of AP is 200 for all fourth class jobs. <Exclusive AP system for fourth class jobs will be added> AP can only be recovered by using certain skills that have ability to recovery AP. Some skills can recover AP to other players, or even consume AP from other players. (Above : Madness Crusher recovers 2 AP while Vigor consumes 150 AP) 2. Expanding weapon level and adding equipment level. Weapon level, which currently is level 4 max, will be expanded to level 5. And equipment level will be added up to level 2. level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment can be refined with the new refinement system that we'll introduce as below. Both can be obtained from the new dungeon contents. For an existing level 4 weapons and equipment, that already have some upgrades such as refine rate / enchants / random options, will be developed to can be upgraded to level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment. <Weapon level will be expanded and equipment level will be added> Level 5 weapons and level 2 armor will use the different refinement system from existing ones. 2.1. Refining Ores. Adds new ores to refining level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment. They can be obtained from the crafting as below. The Enriched / High Enriched / High Density series of existing refining ores can be crafted to higher quality refining ores too. And we'll set the refining ore to be trade-able. <New refining ores can be obtained from crafting the existing ores with new material obtained from new contents and Zeny) (Above : The name of ores are Etherenium, Etheredecon, Ether Bradium, Ether Carnium and Enriched Etherenium) 2.2. Refining Method. Refining level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment is different from previous one. From refine level 1 to 10. There is no "gear destruction" upon failure regardless ore type used. And from refine level 11 to 20. There is no "refine rate reduction" upon failure regardless ore type used. "Refine Guarantee" will can't be used to level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment. (By the way, "Blacksmith's Blessing" still can be used on them as the same way and we'll improve it to can be used up to refine level 14.) <level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment have the different refining method> Above : 2.3. Refining Bonus For level 5 weapons. Each refine level give you 8 Atk/Matk and additional P.Atk and S.Matk by 2. For level 2 equipment. Each refine level give you Def more than normal method by 120% and additional Res and Mres by 2. Unlike normal refining method. The bonus above refine level 16 isn't applied. 3. Gear rank and rank upgrading system. Rank system is applied to level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment. New gears will have rank from 1 to 4. The refining bonus will be increased as percentage as higher rank. Example : Rank 1 level 5 weapon, refining bonus on refine level 12 = Atk + 96 / Matk + 96 Rank 2 level 5 weapon, refining bonus on refine level 12 = Atk + 144 / Matk + 144 <Rank display will show as the bordered colored window on the item> Upgrading gear to higher rank can be performed on the certain refine rate of such gears. Success chance will be increased depend on refine rate of gear and additional materials used on processing. <Depends on the quality of material. The penalty of upgrading failure will be reduced> (Above : the material used for upgrading names "Ether Aquamarine". Using Ether Aquamarine 1 ea has a chance to destroy the gear on failure. Using Ether Aquamarine 5 ea won't destroy the gear on failure.) You can gain materials used for upgrading from the new dungeons that will be updated along with this patch. We'll add it later. source : https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4074742&curpage=1
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    These are the skill songs for Troubadour/Trouvere. tr_gef_nocturn.wav tr_jawaii_serenade.wav tr_pron_march.wav tr_roki_capriccio.wav tr_ain_rhapsody.wav tr_musical_interlude.wav tr_mystic_symphony.wav tr_nipelheim_requiem.wav
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