Chief Officer Spritesheet


Prontera City, Capitol of Rune-Midgarts (prontera)

Title Quickinfo Info
Z Gang Wanted - About Z Gang There are three members: Louis Von Silokens a.k.a. Louis, Martha Hertizan a.k.a. Martha, and Catfoii a.k.a. Catfoii must be captured! You can get more info from a knight named Valdes.
Title Quickinfo Info
Z Gang Wanted - Wanted Notice The Rune-Midgarts Kingdom's Homeland Security Office will reward anyone that captures Z Gang. How about giving it a try? Let's gather some more info about this.
Z Gang Wanted - Clean Sweep of Z Gang You captured Z Gang and obtained the Book of Forbidden Mystery. Go back to the Retired Soldier in Prontera.
Ghostring Card 1 obtained.