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Racing Cap (Mechanic) [1]
Increase ATK + 10 for every 2 refine level.
Increase Attack Speed for every 3 refine level(2% delay after attack).
If refined to +8,
[Power Thrust] Increase critical Damage by 5% per refine.
If refined to +11,
Activates [Double Attack] Lv. 5

Class: Headgear Defense: 10
Location: Upper Weight: 0
Required Level: 100
Jobs: Mechanic

Item information

Id 19189
Sell price -
Weight 0
Type Armor
Subtype Costume Helm
Can be dropped by player no
Can be traded to another player no
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart no
Can be sold to NPC no
Can be send via mail no
Can be sold as an auction no
Can be placed in guild storage yes


ACCESSORY_Boss_Beret (1134)

Ghostring Card 1 obtained.