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Horn Scroll

No description available on this server

Item information

Sell price 10 zeny
Weight 0
Type Cash
Subtype -
Can be dropped by player no
Can be traded to another player yes
Can be placed in storage yes
Can be placed in Cart yes
Can be sold to NPC no
Can be send via mail no
Can be sold as an auction no
Can be placed in guild storage no
Name Chance
1x  Orc Lord Card 0.01%
1x  Black Devil's Mask [1] 0.02%
1x  Sealed Kiel Card 0.03%
1x  Sealed Atroce Card 0.05%
1x  Ancient Horns [1] 0.1%
1x  Sealed Dark Lord Card 0.3%
1x  Succubus Horn 0.5%
1x  Incubus Horn 0.5%
1x  Majestic Devil Horns 0.5%
1x  Bloody Branch 1%
1x  Love Rabbit Hood [1] 1.3%
1x  Remover Hat 1.5%
1x  All In One Ring Box 1.69%
1x  Gym Pass Box 2.5%
1x  Halter Lead 7 Day Box 5.5%
1x  (null) 8%
1x  Four Leaf Clover In Mouth Box3 9.5%
1x  Yggdrasil Berry 10 Box 12%
10x  Unripe Yggdrasil Seed 12.5%
5x  Psychic Armor Scroll 12.5%
1x  Condensed White Potion 200 Box 15%
1x  Dead Branch25 Box 15%


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.