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[Guide] Getting a Divine Pride API key


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Hi there all!

I wrote this guide after receiving some questions around how to get a Divine Pride API key in order to use a small CLI tool I made: https://github.com/latiosu/dp2rathena

This guide aims to present steps required to create a Divine Pride forum account and link it with access to the Divine Pride database service.

Hopefully it helps!


Important Notes

  • If you already have a Divine Pride forum account, go to step 6.
  • API keys are like passwords. Keep them safe and secure. Do not share them with anyone else.



  1. Register a Divine Pride forum account
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Go to email inbox and click validation link
  4. Click "Validate my account" on validation page
  5. Go to Divine Pride database
  6. Click "Login" on Divine Pride service page
  7. Input Divine Pride forum account credentials
  8. Input Divine Pride forum account credentials again
    - Tick "New account" if you started from step 1
    - Ignore "New account" if you started from step 6
  9. Go to your Profile in Divine Pride database service
  10. Click "Request" under Api Key section
  11. Congratulations! 🎉 You now have your very own Divine Pride API key! 🎊
    Remember to keep your API key safe and secure. API keys are like passwords.
    Please avoid sharing your API key.


Now go out there and make cool stuff! 🎉

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