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  1. Hi there all! I wrote this guide after receiving some questions around how to get a Divine Pride API key in order to use a small CLI tool I made: https://github.com/latiosu/dp2rathena This guide aims to present steps required to create a Divine Pride forum account and link it with access to the Divine Pride database service. Hopefully it helps! --- Important Notes If you already have a Divine Pride forum account, go to step 6. API keys are like passwords. Keep them safe and secure. Do not share them with anyone else. --- Steps Register a Divine Pride forum account Confirm your email Go to email inbox and click validation link Click "Validate my account" on validation page Go to Divine Pride database Click "Login" on Divine Pride service page Input Divine Pride forum account credentials Input Divine Pride forum account credentials again - Tick "New account" if you started from step 1 - Ignore "New account" if you started from step 6 Go to your Profile in Divine Pride database service Click "Request" under Api Key section Congratulations! 🎉 You now have your very own Divine Pride API key! 🎊 Remember to keep your API key safe and secure. API keys are like passwords. Please avoid sharing your API key. --- Now go out there and make cool stuff! 🎉
  2. Thanks very much @Dia for adding this feature!
  3. Hi there, I'm currently working on a tool which consumes the DP API but am missing access to the skill aegis name. It appears to be available in the Skill database, for example with ID 2540: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/skill/2540/unchained-serenade Currently the API returns this for skill ID 2540: { "id": 2540, "name": "Unchained Serenade", "description": "" } Would be amazing if it could "NPC_DISSONANCE" in an additional field such as: { "id": 2540, "name": "Unchained Serenade", "aegis_name": "NPC_DISSONANCE", "description": "" } Is it possible to have the below field exposed in the Skill API?
  4. I've added a feature for converting Divine Pride's mob skills to rAthena's mob_skill_db.txt format. Instructions for updating and using the tool is on the GitHub repository.
  5. I recently discovered today that classNum is actually View ID 😅 So this value has a 1-to-1 mapping with the client's View ID.
  6. I've put together a tool for converting divine-pride API data to rathena database formats: https://github.com/Latiosu/dp2rathena Currently it only supports converting Item DB to `item_db.yml`. If someone is able to confirm the above values or point to some documentation about IDs in the divine-pride API data it would helps developers (including myself) with integrating with the API.
  7. I think I've been able to confirm some mappings for the following values. Although I haven't been able to reverse engineer or map "classNum" yet. Would be awesome to have someone officially confirm if these are the intended values too. locationId An integer bitmask from 0 to 0x3FFFFF with value returned as decimal. Example: 768 (0x300) = Head Top + Head Mid job An integer bitmask from 0 to 0xFFFFF (with value returned as decimal) for 1st and 2nd jobs or an integer from 73 to 503 for extended and 3rd jobs. Note: I could not find all values, some clearly missing values have been marked with a '?'. Example: 132112 (0x20410) = Acolyte + Priest + Monk itemTypeId An integer value from 1 to 10 (excluding 8). Example: 5 = Etc itemSubTypeId An integer value from 0 to 1027 (excluding ranges 1-255, 281-511, 520-521, 523-524, 531-767, 770-1023). Example: 280 = Shadow Weapon
  8. Hi Divine-Pride team, I thought it would be helpful for developers to have some additional documentation about the API to make it easier to get up and running with. There are a few values in the Item API which require some work to make sense of: For example, the following values are returned for Sword (1101) are ambiguous without investigation: "classNum": 2, "itemTypeId": 1, "itemSubTypeId": 257, I think it would be very helpful for developers to know how to make sense of the above values. Developers can take the time to manually map out each variation, for example itemTypeId 1 seems to represent "Weapon" and itemSubTypeId 257 seems to represent "Sword". A list of these mappings would be very helpful on either the forum or API documentation itself: https://www.divine-pride.net/api Kind regards, Latios
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