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iRO changelog February 19, 2021

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Id: (12515)

Medium Life Potion
A sizeable bottle of
Yggdrasil Tree Sap
that is effective in
healing wounds.
Restores an amount of
HP equal of 7% of your
Max HP every 4 seconds for a 10 minute duration.
If you are incapacitated,
the item effect will disappear.
Weight : 1
====== auto-parsed ======
Weight : 1

Id: (12754)

New Year Bun
A type of dough that is filled with ground meat, usually served hot. People living in eastern countries have enjoyed eating this food for a long time.
Class: Recovery
Recovers 30% HP/SP during the event period



  • System\iteminfo.lub


  • EasyAntiCheat\Certificates\game.bin
  • EasyAntiCheat\Certificates\game.cer

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