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Dev Note : Update plan in the fourth quarter of 2020.

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Today we'll introduce the update plan the fourth quarter of this year.

Before the introduction. We would like to tell the info about fourth class jobs and related system that recently updated.

Currently the dev team is continuing to adjust the balance of each jobs. Not just damage but also play style, positioning and more.

The fourth class jobs update and trait status system also be part of the balance.

Rather than to rely on damage of fourth class skills. The purpose of fourth class skills are to be the synergy with previous class skills to increases effectiveness and survival of character and party play style . Though some jobs still be insufficient so we'll do additional adjustment later.

In case of trait status system. The player will feel the growth on character as higher level.

In the future we'll adjust and implement the new system to increases the synergy of previous class and fourth class to be closer.

In case of babies in "family system". At the first look the role of babies are the new characters who newly enter the world and meet the new friend. The anyway the babies must have to grow therefore they must become independent from their parent and walk on their own adventure in the larger world.

In the future. The higher rank of expanded class jobs also be implemented as same as fourth class jobs.

For the player who love the cute little character as the baby. We'll introduce the new system that make your character to be small and cute anytime and any job.

We'll inform you in the future dev note.

We apologize to all who love baby that we implemented such change (baby restriction that implemented on 4th patch) without advanced notice and make you all confuse.


1. New system : Item alteration reform system.

The researchers of Regenchirm found the new breakthrough that will improve the player performance.

As we mentioned the previous dev note. the most of existing level 4 weapons and equipment can be upgraded to level 5 weapons and level 2 equipment. Refine rate / enchants / random options still be intact.


<new gear upgrade system will be updated!>


2. New system : Reputation system.

The reputation system will be updated so the player can enjoy the play style they choose.


<new reputation system will be updated!>


When progressing quests or instances through reputation system. The reputation value will be given to character depends on their choice.

Player will gain special content when reach certain reputation value such as new NPC illustration or art on certain NPCs.


<new reputation system will be updated!>


3. New content : Hero's Trail side-stories

Three new contents will be updated as the theme of the story after Hero Trail.

The player can experience the new story after the original Hero's trail along with new gears and cards.

We'll update later.


3.1. Geffen Night Arena

It is said that after Geffen Magic Tournament is over. The more intense competition is held in the night in Geffen Magic Arena.

Defeat the powerful opponent and become the champion of night martial art contest.


<Participates the night martial art contest held in Geffen Magic Arena!>


3.2. Tomb of Regret

After making the pact with magic sword Tarthanos. The new story of magic swordsman Sakray after losing his beloved princess Tiara.

The new instance will be updated.


<You'll experience the new story of magic swordsman Sakray!>


3.3. Airship Crash

The new story after the airship fall due to the attack of monsters.

The new instance "Airship Crash" will be updated.


<You'll experience the new story of Airship Crash!>


4. Challenge mode content : Constellation Tower

The powerful magic of the Endless Tower draw the new leader!

The new owner of Endless Tower appears.

The new challenge mode content of Endless Tower "Constellation Tower" will be updated.


<Challenge toward the powerful throne of tower!>



<The new owner of Endless Tower "Constellation Tower" appears!>


5. Quality of life : Transparent character

After we updated the command to hide the stall for convenient on finding NPC covered by the crowd of characters. The NPC and object that be covered by other character will be easily found.

This content will be updated.


<You can see other characters in your screen become semi-transparent!>


The above contents are still under development so it can be changed in the future.


source : https://ro.gnjoy.com/news/devnote/View.asp?category=1&seq=4084318&curpage=1


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