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Warlock MvP?

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So, I kinda need a light in here. 

I used to play RO for a long time and now I'm coming back to this beautiful game.
I have always loved the warlock class, but I'm totally lost about new items/builds for him.

I've been playing this bRO based private server, where the current patch is 16.1 (just as bRO), but it has some features based on kRO. Let's just say the staff there is open minded about bringing current kRO/jRO/iRO items to this server to keep up with the new features RO has. 

The warlock rework is about to arrive in here and I would like to know if it's possible to solo bossnia easily after that (cause right now, it SUCKS HARD).

I know that comet and jack frost are going to get super good after the rework.

So my questions are:
1. IS warlock the best MATK class to solo bossnia? If not, which class is? (Sorc? Ninja? MATK Wanderer? Just for curiosity)

2. What would be the BEST Items/equipment to do that? How would you build him? You can considerate MvP cards such as vesper/khiel.

I know this is not an easy question, but it would help me A LOT. Coming back to RO is not easy :P

Thank you in advance ❤️

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Private server discussions are not allowed.

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