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pRO changelog August 14, 2019

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Id: (1630)

Release of Wise
A staff made of Crystal. It shines beautifully against the light. This staff can also help the holder recover from damage.
Type: Weapon
Class: One-Handed Staff
Attack: 30
Property: Neutral
Weight: 50
Weapon Level: 3
Required Level: 50
Required Job: Mage and Soul Linker Jobs
INT + 3
MATK + 125
Increases the recovery rate of recovery skills by 5%.
Adds a 10% chance of restoring 100 HP and 50 SP to the user every 2 seconds for 10 seconds when dealing magical attacks.
====== auto-parsed ======
Attack : 30
Weight : 50
Weapon Level : 3
Required Level : 50

Id: (25744)

Reset Quest Token
Showing this ticket to NPC Quest giver, he/she will reset your Qquest cooldown and can repeat again (For Transmutation Quest only).
Weight : 1
====== auto-parsed ======
Weight : 1



  • data\idnum2itemdesctable.txt
  • data\idnum2itemdisplaynametable.txt
  • data\num2itemdesctable.txt
  • data\questid2display.txt


  • data\num2itemdesctable.txt
  • data\sprite\아이템\애기동백꽃비녀.act
  • data\sprite\아이템\애기동백꽃비녀.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_애기동백꽃비녀.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\남\남_애기동백꽃비녀.spr
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_애기동백꽃비녀.act
  • data\sprite\악세사리\여\여_애기동백꽃비녀.spr
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\collection\애기동백꽃비녀.bmp
  • data\texture\유저인터페이스\item\애기동백꽃비녀.bmp

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