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Some weapons being classified as armours

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That's interesting, all other languages specify it as Axe instead of Two-Handed Axe.

  • bRO - portuguese: Machado
  • cRO - chinese: 斧头
  • kRO - korean: 도끼
  • twRO - chinese: 斧頭

Just iRO declares it as Two-Handed Axe. The Thanatos Axe is declared as Two-Handed on the other servers.

  • Machado de Duas Mãos
  • 剧颊档尝
  • 양손도끼
  • 雙手斧

This might be a bug or mistake on iRO.

I updated a lot of items so their type matches the description. I also added an parser for portuguese. bRO had many items duplicated so the itemtype and itemsubtype were not set correctly. This should be fixed now.

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