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  1. Added Item Changed Item Files
  2. Added LapineUpgradeBox Accessory NpcIdentity Item Changed Quest Skill Item Files
  3. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Skill Item Files
  4. Changed LapineUpgradeBox Skill Item Files
  5. Added LapineUpgradeBox Map NpcIdentity Item Card Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Item Card Files
  6. Changed Skill Efst Files
  7. Added Map NpcIdentity Item Changed Item Files
  8. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Item Files
  9. Added LapineDdukddakBox Map NpcIdentity Skill Item Efst Card Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Skill Item Efst Files
  10. Mobs info MVP : Chaotic Baphomet New gears  Illusion Morpheus's Hood [1] Int + 10, Mdef + 15, MaxSP + 20%. Reduces variable casting time by 3% per 2 refine rate. If refine rate is 7 or higher, Matk + 30. If refine rate is 9 or higher, Skill casting can't be interrupted. When equipped with Illusion Morpheus's Shawl, Bracelet and Ring, Int + 5, MaxSP + 10%, Def + 100. Increases water, earth and neutral property magical damage by 10%. If refine rate of Illusion Morpheus's Hood and Shawl is 7 or higher, Matk + 40. If t
  11. Added Item Card Changed Quest Item Files
  12. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox ItemRandOption Item Files
  13. Added Item Changed NpcIdentity Item Files
  14. Added Accessory Map NpcIdentity Item Changed Quest Accessory Skill Item Files
  15. Added Item Changed Quest Skill Item Files
  16. EDDA Glast Heim's fall is an instance which has 2 mode. (You must do scenario mode first to access the instance) Normal difficulty : requires level 130 to access reward : Curse-eroded Crystal Curse-eroded Crystal Advance difficulty : requires level 170 to access reward : Curse-eroded Gemstone Curse-eroded Gemstone Both item are used to exchanging and enchanting new gears, combines with material from Old Glast Heim instance. New gears King Schmidt's Suit [1] Increases physical and magical damage against medium and la
  17. Added LapineDdukddakBox Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Skill Item Files
  18. Added Item Efst Changed Quest Item Files
  19. Added Accessory Map NpcIdentity Item Efst Card Changed Quest Accessory Files
  20. Added Map NpcIdentity Item Card Changed Quest Skill Item Files
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