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  1. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox Quest Item Files
  2. There are 2 materials required for enchantment. Somatology Experimental Fragment Somatology Research Document Both materials can be obtained from several ways. 1. Reward from EDDA Biolab instance (2x Fragments from Story mode, 5x Fragments and 3x Documents from Battle mode) 2. Has a chance to obtained from "xxx box" (The box appears after instance boss "Nameless Swordsman" (Ygnigem girl with fiery eyes ) is killed. And appear in Battle mode only). 3. Has a chance to obtained from opening "Somatology Laboratory Material Box" (drops from Nameless Sword
  3. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Item Files
  4. Added NpcIdentity Item Changed Quest Item Files
  5. Added NpcIdentity Item Changed Map
  6. Added NpcIdentity Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Map Item
  7. Added NpcIdentity Item Changed Quest NpcIdentity Item Efst Files
  8. Added Map NpcIdentity Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Skill Item Files
  9. Added Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Files
  10. Added Item Changed Item Files
  11. Today (18/11/2019) Gravity dev team will show you the several updates that are prepared to update on upcoming winter. 1. Class improvement : Wanderer & Minstrel Wanderer & Minstrel second improvement is posted in Classes improvement project thread. 2. Revamp the accessibility to top floor of Thanatos Tower The way to go to top floor of Thanatos Tower will be changed from quest type to instance dungeon instead. New monsters will be added. New accessories that are set bonus with Dragon Plate series and Soutane series will be added! <To
  12. 1. New guild skills There are 3 new guild skills will be updated. 1.1. Emergency Move : Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild master. Increases movement speed of guild master and nearby guild members for 10 seconds. 1.2. Charge Shout Flag : Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild master. Places the staging flag in the target location. Last for 5 minutes. 1.3. Charge Shout Beating : Can only be used in WoE map and used by guild members. Teleport to staging flag placed by guild member immediately. guild members must be in the same castle to use this skill.
  13. Added Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox Quest Files
  14. Changed LapineUpgradeBox Item Files
  15. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Card Changed LapineUpgradeBox Quest Item Efst Files
  16. Added Map Changed Quest PetEvolution Item Card Files
  17. Added LapineUpgradeBox Accessory Map Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Skill Item Efst Files
  18. Added Map NpcIdentity Item Card Changed ItemRandOption Quest Skill Item Files
  19. Instance details. - Instance position : NPC Mariage in Geffen Tower. Party leader talk with her to create instance. - Instance cooldown and duration : 1 day cooldown and 60 minutes limit. - Instance condition : Only available on every Thursday 23.59 to Friday 23.59 - Required level : 99 minimum - Reward : Accessory, crafted stones and some EXP. Instance has 2 difficulty, level 99-110 and level 160+ mobs info MVP : Dead King Devil / Large / Undead 4 Skills : Break helm, Meteor Storm, Hell Judgement, Dark Blessing, Agi Up. Dead
  20. Added Map Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox NpcIdentity Item Files
  21. On the 17th anniversary. We'll introduce the future contents which we're working on. 1. Episode 17.2 : Varmundt's Mansion Then new episode "Varmundt's Mansion" will be updated within 2019. The trace of Illusion lead us to the mansion of "Great sage Varmundt". New dungeons, New monsters and new equipment await! 2. New Madogear appearance We are working on new Madogear appearance as Dev note mentioned before. (We are also working on new cart design to match new Madogear appearance too.) Player can choose between old appearance and new a
  22. Added Achievement LapineUpgradeBox Title ItemRandOption PetEvolution Map NpcIdentity Skill Item Efst Changed ItemRandOption Quest Skill Item Efst Files
  23. Added Map Changed Map
  24. 1. Episode 17.2 : Sage's Legacy This episode is about the trace of Illusion that ends at the mansion of "Great sage Varmundt". New equipment, cards, enchants will be updated along with many dungeons. <The adventure in Varmundt's Mansion will begin!> The upgraded version of Illusion equipment "Automatic equipment" that require level 160 to equips along with "Automatic Module". And new weapons that require level 150 to equips and can be obtained from dungeons in the mansion. <many dungeons will be added!> <Many equipment,
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