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About Me

  1. The Paradise quests for level 100+ will reward you Paradise Coin. Paradise Coin Paradise Coin is used for exchange new Paradise gears that for level 100+ There are 5 tiers. level 100, 115, 130, 145 and 160. ---- level 100 set ---- ---- level 115 set ---- ---- level 130 set ---- ---- level 145 set ---- ---- level 160 set ---- Exchange cost Paradise Ring and Paradise Necklace can be enchanted with 10 Paradise Coin. Player can choose to enchant as physical t
  2. Added Item Changed Achievement LapineDdukddakBox Item Files
  3. Added LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Item Changed Quest Item Files
  4. Added Accessory Item Changed Item Files
  5. Changed Item Files
  6. Added LapineUpgradeBox Map NpcIdentity Item Card Changed LapineDdukddakBox Quest Files
  7. Added LapineUpgradeBox Accessory Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Skill Item Card Files
  8. Added Item Changed Item Files
  9. Added Item Changed Quest NpcIdentity Skill Item Files
  10. Added PetEvolution Item Changed Item Files
  11. Details 1. Participation fee is slightly increased (from 2,000 z to 30,000 z). 2. Prize Medal is replaced by Mysterious Medal. 3. Wayne will exchange your current Prize Medal to Mysterious Medal. 4. Ei'felle in Einbroch factory will no longer receive Prize Medal. 5. Add new NPC "Crane" that exchange your 10 Mysterious Medals to random reward and give you 1x Racing Thank Ticket. Crane reward list. 1x +13 Weapon Cert 1x +13 Armor Cert 1x +12 Weapon Cert 1x +12 Armor Cert 1x +10 Weapon Cert 1x +10 Armor Cert 1x +9 Weapon Cert 1x +9 Armor Cert 1x +8 Wea
  12. 1. EDDA : Somatology Laboratory - Expeditionary Journey. The embodiment of grudge that wander in somatology laboratory. The six of expeditionary team that left Rune Midgarts with unknown mission. Seyren Windsor, Margaretha Sorin, Kathryne Keyron, Eremes Guile, Howard Alt-Eisen, Cecil Damon. Why their embodiment of grudge wander in Lighthalzen somatology laboratory eternally? Their hidden story will be revealed. <The new series of EDDA will be updated!> This EDDA will update 39 new weapons, 13 new enchants and 1 new armor. <Ne
  13. Changed Skill Item Files
  14. EP 16.1 : Noblesse set Noblesse set can be exchanged with Honor Token (reward from 16.1 quest) 10 ea. Noblesse armor, manteau and shoes can be refined to +9 instantly with Noblesses Refine Ticket (can be exchanged with Honor Token 10 ea) Noblesses Refine Ticket EP 16.2 : Imperial set Imperial set can be exchanged with Schwartz's Honor Token (reward from 16.2 quests) 10 ea. Imperial armor, manteau and shoes can be refined to +9 instantly with Imperial Refine Ticket (Can be exchanged with Schwartz's Honor Token 10 ea) Imperi
  15. Added LapineUpgradeBox TownInfo Item Files
  16. Added NpcIdentity Skill Item Efst Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Quest Skill Item Efst Files
  17. Added Accessory Item Changed LapineDdukddakBox Item Files
  18. Added Item Changed Item Files
  19. 1. Class Improvement : Warlock Warlock improvement will be updated on July. Many skills except Tetra Vortex will be improved to have more efficiency and improved the convenience on using Reading Spellbook. The contents of improvement as below : 1.1 Reading Spellbook - The skill will be improved. The player can click on spellbook to memorize skill directly. 1.2 Release - Removes the effect on level 1 (release 1 elemental ball on target). Level 1 will release the memorized skill only. 1.3 Summon Fire Ball / Summon Water Ball / Su
  20. Added Item Changed LapineUpgradeBox LapineDdukddakBox Quest Item Efst
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