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  1. 4 hours ago, Limz said:

    Hello sigma i want to ask something
    1.2 Aura Blade
    - Increases bonus flat damage depends on user's base level. Bonus flat damage : Base level x (3 + skill level)

    it's said increase bonus flat damage but Is it only for normal attack ? or skill such Ignition break, Sonic wave, Storm blast affect too by the bonus flat damage ?

    It works with skills, but only added at the end. However, for a skill like clashing spiral, it adds the flat damage multiple times. Same with bowling bash. 

  2. For the skill specific shadow gear that say "when equipped with [class] shadow weapon..."


    Does that refer to any shadow weapon for that class or the specific one? So for example, can you complete the combo by wearing the Cold Breath Shadow Shield and the Fire Breath Shadow Weapon?

  3. You can also manipulate the elemental matching. Assuming it hasn't changed, EQ's damage depends on how well your own weapon would damage you. So wearing undead armor + fire endow = bonus damage which is then forced neutral in the skill equation. Even better if you happen to also have a Devilring on at the time. etc.

    Also, EDP.

    TBH I think glorious would be better for EQ than facequeen leg but eh.

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  4. Short of the item description outright having it, all of it is from people testing things. 

    Some private servers may show in-game data for proc chance (you can see some of it in item scripts on ratemyserver) but it's hard to generalize that to official servers since pservers tend to be screwy in a multitude of ways. 

  5. 11 hours ago, hdrst said:

    Rolling cutter & Cross Ripper Slasher at jRO has 1/2 penalty on EDP and has 0.2sec cooldown.
    in 2013/04 gungho nerfed Rolling cutter to 3/4 damage in PvP / GvG Maps and 1/3 damage in normal mapas, after launching a new endgame katar, and increasing the area for 5x5 at ballance.
    Their dropped so many players, and reverted the nerf in 2013/09, and added the 1/2 penalty, and final damage of RC/CRS on PvP / GvG area +50%.

    Criticism a server only for their itens status should be a joke.


    Considering the criticism I made actually was a joke, I'm not sure what you're getting at but I'll assume you thought you were being very clever. You do realize when I criticize jRO I don't mean the player base, but the people who run the server? And I 100% stand by my sentiment that the item design that comes from jRO is ridiculous, regardless of what server it's put on. 

    I have seen plenty of videos of jRO gameplay and the items clearly make the content there an absolute cake-walk and now we have the glorious fortune of receiving these items (though I blame kRO more for this decision than I do jRO, but then who cares, they're apparently owned by the same parent-company). Never mind that jRO's cash shop has gear that have multiple MVP card effects in one -- which absolutely is ridiculous, no matter what the skill mods are for that server. 

    But no, I'll gladly criticize jRO for many reasons -- from their broken items (even for their server) to their selling of MVP cards in the cash shop (which I guess I should be thankful that we still haven't gotten yet) to the fact that who ever runs Ragnarok Online decided it was a good idea to import jRO items to non-jRO servers. 

  6. Hahahahaha, thanks sir. I watched a few vids on youtube and the person was doing about 100k per RC (250k during dark claw) so figured maybe it was a flat addition to the skill mod making it go from 300% to 800% (which is still no joke) but having it multiply the skill is just LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL especially since it's from the boots alone. 


    The J in J-RO must stand for "joke", but not the funny kind -- the kind where someone lights your car on fire. 

  7. On 4/2/2019 at 7:43 AM, Sigma said:


    Scorpio Shoes
    Mdef + 5.
    Atk + 50.
    Attack Speed + 10%.
    MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%.
    When equipped by Guillotine Cross, Atk + 80, Flee + 50, MaxHP + 10%, MaxSP + 10%, increases Rolling Cutter damage by 500%.
    if refine rate is 8 or higher, reduces cooldown of Dark Illusion by 1.5 seconds.
    When equipped with Scorpio Mail and Scorpio Manteau, MaxHP + 2000, MaxSP + 200, reduces damage taken from fire, water, wind and earth property by 50%, grants immunity to frozen.
    Class : Shoes
    Defense : 25
    Weight : 40
    Required Level : 1
    Required Jobs : All


    Sigma, is the 500% to rolling cutter a multiplication or a flat addition into the skill formula?

  8. 3 hours ago, darekrogers said:

    Mastersmith's Cart Boost does not have lv 3, it only goes up to lv 1.

    So it must be the Genetic's Cart Boost.


    It's the only one that has a level 3. That's pretty intense, the atk buff it gives is separate from the atk buff the cart boost gives too. 

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