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  1. About Quench,Swooning,Torrent,Concretion status effect is there anyway to cure the status ailments ?
  2. Hello sigma i want to ask something 1.2 Aura Blade - Increases bonus flat damage depends on user's base level. Bonus flat damage : Base level x (3 + skill level) it's said increase bonus flat damage but Is it only for normal attack ? or skill such Ignition break, Sonic wave, Storm blast affect too by the bonus flat damage ?
  3. I know this might dumb question but on some server it different. 5.1. Enchant Deadly Poison - When reconnecting (moving to certain maps). The skill effect no longer be removed. does switch the weapon/remove the weapon will removed EDP effect ?
  4. thank you for the reply. i didn't notice your question on page 8 sorry for double question topic
  5. are you sure about it ? is there source or something ? because some renewal server I play there's size & race modifier are affect damage but some of server is only long range modifier. I just want to make sure because I confused
  6. Hello sigma i want to ask something. about the new Dragon Breath. is Racial modifier or size modifier affect the damage? or still only long range modifier card ?
  7. about the new potion. is there any new book ? because i cant create the new potion
  8. does Ranger Aimed Bolt still have After cast delay 1 sec ?
  9. Is the skill can be reflect by maya card or kaite ? considering it's target skill but AoE What if we target the enemies not using maya or kaite
  10. @Sigma any Details on reverberation formula ?
  11. Sorry, i mean is the caster of gravitional field/gravity control get canceled. If the caster got hit or damage. or moving
  12. Sigma, Any change on Gravitional field/Gravity control formula ?
  13. Hello sigma i want to ask some skill Does Rebellion Round Trip count as melee physical or range physical ? also is it affected by user's base level ?
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