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  1. Hi, Sigma Does Spiral Pierce still increase damage of (Aura Blade * numberOfHits)? So Spiral Pierce is 5 hits, that means it would be for level 5 Aura Blade: 100 * 5
  2. yes I know, i mean when get enchant on 2nd slot it will get by job or still random? so u must reenchant until you get the right enchant
  3. hi, Sigma how about with class enchant is possible like racing cap (rk) get enchant Racing(ninja)?
  4. do you know which monster drop that items?
  5. i see different description on this HG https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/19196/kRO which one is right? 10% or 5%
  6. hi, sigma all those equip drop by monster?
  7. okay thanks sigma how about the formula do you know it?
  8. 4.4.2 Spore Explosion - Increases max level from 5 to 10. - Increases nearby target damage from 75% to 100%. - Explosion delay is fixed to 2 seconds. - Improves damage formula. Hi, Sigma i want to know this skill is Mele or long atk? thanks
  9. Okay NP, Thank you sigma ❤️
  10. Sigma do you have info list random option for Gear Glast Heim Castle Abyss and Noggroad 3F items?
  11. 6. Sniper 6.1 Focused Arrow Strike - Reduces delay after skill from 2.5 second to 0.5 second. - Reduces fixed casting time and variable casting time from 1 second to 0.5 second. - Increases critical chance. - Changes damage formula. - Deals additional damage depends on user's base level. Hi, Sigma do you have any info about damage formula for this skill??
  12. Hi, Sigma can you give more specific about this formula? "- Changes damage formula, damage is increased depends on user's Str."
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