Improve Concentration
Improve Concentration
MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Vulture's Eye 1
Skill Form: Supportive
Description: Increase DEX and AGI for a set
duration, as well as detect hidden enemies.

[Lv 1]:+3% Agi/Dex, 60sec duration/25 SP
[Lv 2]:+4% Agi/Dex, 80sec duration/30 SP
[Lv 3]:+5% Agi/Dex, 100sec duration/35 SP
[Lv 4]:+6% Agi/Dex, 120sec duration/40 SP
[Lv 5]:+7% Agi/Dex, 140sec duration/45 SP
[Lv 6]:+8% Agi/Dex, 160sec duration/50 SP
[Lv 7]:+9% Agi/Dex, 180sec duration/55 SP
[Lv 8]:+10% Agi/Dex, 200sec duration/60 SP
[Lv 9]:+11% Agi/Dex, 220sec duration/65 SP
[Lv 10]:+12% Agi/Dex, 240sec duration/70 SP


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.