Volcanic Ash
Volcanic Ash
MAX Lv : 5
Description : Spray volcanic ashes to the ground, give curse : Volcanic Ash effect to all tragets in the skill Range.
Volcanic ash effected target will loose half of Accuracy rate, and gain 50% of failing rate when casting skills.
Also, there will be additional damage given when getting Fire property attack from ash effecting Range. 50% defense decreasing effect
given for plant type monsters, 50% AtK and Flee Rate effect given for water type monsters.
Volcanic ash effect's duration increase based on skill level. Skill is possible for casting 3 times to the ground.

[Lv 1] Effect duration 8 Second
[Lv 2] Effect duration 16 Second
[Lv 3] Effect duration 24 Second
[Lv 4] Effect duration 32 Second
[Lv 5] Effect duration 40 Second


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.