MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Heal 1
Skill Form: Supportive
Target: Ground
Description: Create a holy area on the ground
that will provide continuous HP restoration
for the skill's duration.
Each cast requires 1 Blue Gemstone.
Undead and Demon monsters will be knocked
2 cells backward, and receive Holy property
damage equal to half of the amount of HP
that characters would recover. Each time a
monster is damaged removes 2 heals from
Sanctuary`s limit. This skill will heal
characters or damage Undead and Demon
monsters every second for its active duration.
Sanctuary has a 5 second Cast Time regardless
of skill level

[Lv 1]:15sp, 100HP/sec, 4 sec duration
[Lv 2]:18sp, 200HP/sec, 7 sec duration
[Lv 3]:21sp, 300HP/sec, 10 sec duration
[Lv 4]:24sp, 400HP/sec, 13 sec duration
[Lv 5]:27sp, 500HP/sec, 16 sec duration
[Lv 6]:30sp, 600HP/sec, 19 sec duration
[Lv 7]:33sp, 777HP/sec, 22 sec duration
[Lv 8]:36sp, 777HP/sec, 25 sec duration
[Lv 9]:39sp, 777HP/sec, 28 sec duration
[Lv 10]:42sp, 777HP/sec, 31 sec duration


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.