Only One Bullet
Only One Bullet
MAX Lv: 5
Skill Requirement: P.F.I 3, Intensive Aim 1
Skill Form: Active
Type: Ranged Physical
Target: Single target
Recovery: AP 1
Description: Rifle and pistol exclusive skill.
Fires a single shot to the target, inflicts long ranged physical damage.
When using the skill with pistol, ignores physical defense of target,
when using the skill with rifle, applies critical damage, the critical chance is the user's Cri.
The effectiveness of critical modifier is applied by half.
If there is an aiming count, the skill consumes all aiming count and skill damage is increased according to number of aiming count consumed.
Deals additional damage depends on user's base level and CON.
Consumes 1 equipped bullet.

[Level 1]: Rifle: (4200 + (aiming count x 350))% Atk.
Pistol: (4600 + (aiming count x 350))% Atk.

[Level 2]: Rifle: (7200 + (aiming count x 700))% Atk.
Pistol: (8000 + (aiming count x 700))% Atk.

[Level 3]: Rifle: (10200 + (aiming count x 1050))% Atk.
Pistol: (11400 + (aiming count x 1050))% Atk.

[Level 4]: Rifle: (13200 + (aiming count x 1400))% Atk.
Pistol: (14800 + (aiming count x 1400))% Atk.

[Level 5]: Rifle: (16200 + (aiming count x 1750))% Atk.
Pistol: (18200 + (aiming count x 1750))% Atk.

No data available

Night Watch
Date Field Old New
2023-09-22 21:08 MaxLv 5 0
2023-09-07 21:19 MaxLv 0


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.