Acid Bomb
Acid Bomb
MAX lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Bomb 5, Acid Terror 5
Description: Consume 1 Bottle Grenade
and 1 Acid Bottle to hurl the contents of both
items at a targeted enemy to inflict an amount
of damage affected by this skill's level, the
caster's ATK and MATK, the attack power of
his weapon, the target's VIT, DEF, MDEF (soft
def and soft mdef in little portion) and works
with cards and equip modifiers of both
physically attacks, magic attacks, ranged
attacks, neutral attacks, race modifier, size
modifier). In PvP, Acid Bomb may damage
the targeted character's Weapon or Armor.
This skill has a 1 second Fixed Cast Time
followed by a 1 second Global Skill Delay,
and consumes 30 SP per cast. Has a Skill
Level's % chance to break weapon or armor
Weapon/Armor Damage Chance By Level

[Lv 1]Hits 1, 1% damage
[Lv 2]Hits 2, 2% damage
[Lv 3]Hits 3, 3% damage
[Lv 4]Hits 4, 4% damage
[Lv 5]Hits 5, 5% damage
[Lv 6]Hits 6, 6% damage
[Lv 7]Hits 7, 7% damage
[Lv 8]Hits 8, 8% damage
[Lv 9]Hits 9, 9% damage
[Lv 10]Hits 10, 10% damage


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.