MAX Lv : 7
Skill Requirement : Priest Spirit 1
Skill Form: Status Magic
[Es-] Category: Can only be used on monsters.
Description: Temporarily shrink a monster to
reduce its Movement Speed. Boss monsters will
only be shrunk for 1/5th of the normal skill
duration. If this skill is cast on a monster
that is already shrunken, the caster will be
inflicted by the Stun status and the targeted
monster will recover from Shrunken status more

SP Consumption & Skill Duration By Level
[Lv 1]:75 SP, 1 sec
[Lv 2]:65 SP, 2 sec
[Lv 3]:55 SP, 3 sec
[Lv 4]:45 SP, 4 sec
[Lv 5]:35 SP, 5 sec
[Lv 6]:25 SP, 6 sec
[Lv 7]:15 SP, 7 sec


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.