MAX Lv : 7
Skill Requirement : Wizard Spirit 1
Skill Form: Magic Attack
[Es-] Category: Can only be used on monsters.
Description: Push back a targeted monster
2 cells away. Only Small sized monsters are
damaged by this skill, which takes the elemental
property of the Mild Wind skill if it is cast.
At skill level 7, Estin will have a 3 second
delay that will allow the casting of the
Esma skill.

[Lv 1] 18 SP, 10% Damage
[Lv 2] 20 SP, 20% Damage
[Lv 3] 22 SP, 30% Damage
[Lv 4] 24 SP, 40% Damage
[Lv 5] 26 SP, 50% Damage
[Lv 6] 28 SP, 60% Damage
[Lv 7] 30 SP, 70% Damage


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.