Bard and Dancer Spirits
Bard and Dancer Spirits
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Form: Supportive
Description: Summon the spirit of history's most
artistic performer and endow its abilities upon
the Bard or Dancer targeted by this skill. For
the skill's duration, Bards and Dancers have
increased Movement Speed, receive the same
effect as Party Members when performing Play or
Dance skills, and are able to combo skills with
Perfect Tablature, Focus Ballet, Impressive
Riff, Slow Grace, Magic Strings, Lady Luck,
Song of Lutie and Gypsy's Kiss.
SP Consumption & Duration by Level
[Lv 1]
460 SP, 150 sec
[Lv 2] 360 SP, 200 sec
[Lv 3] 260 SP, 250 sec
[Lv 4] 160 SP, 300 sec
[Lv 5] 60 SP, 350 sec


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.