Super Novice Spirit
Super Novice Spirit
Skill Requirement : Taekwon Master Spirit 1
MAX Lv : 5
Skill Form: Supportive
Description: Summon the spirit of history's
awesomest Super Novice and temporarily endow
its abilities on the Super Novice targeted by
this skill. For the skill's duration, Super
Novices have a low chance of summoning a
Guardian Angel that will erase their previous
death record. Super Novices at Base Level 90
and above can any headgear regardless of
location, and at Base Level 96 and above, they
can equip certain Level 4 Weapons, such as One
Handed Swords, Maces Axes, Staffs and Daggers.
SP Consumption & Duration by Level
[Lv 1]
460 SP, 150 sec
[Lv 2] 360 SP, 200 sec
[Lv 3] 260 SP, 250 sec
[Lv 4] 160 SP, 300 sec
[Lv 5] 60 SP, 350 sec


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.