Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier
Solar, Lunar and Stellar Courier
MAX Lv : 10
Skill Form: Passive
If using Taekwon Master designation
skills such as Solar, Lunar and Stellar
Perception and Solar, Lunar and Stellar
Opposition is too confusing, you can allocate
Skill Points to Taekwon Boy or Girl Job skills
Description: Increase Maximum Weight Limit when
in Solar, Lunar and Stellar areas. The effect
of this skill is
canceled when
its user leaves the Solar, Lunar or Stellar
designated area.

[Lv 1] Maximum Weight +10%
[Lv 2] Maximum Weight +20%
[Lv 3] Maximum Weight +30%
[Lv 4] Maximum Weight +40%
[Lv 5] Maximum Weight +50%
[Lv 6] Maximum Weight +60%
[Lv 7] Maximum Weight +70%
[Lv 8] Maximum Weight +80%
[Lv 9] Maximum Weight +90%
[Lv 10] Maximum Weight +100%


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.