Flying Kick
Flying Kick
MAX Lv : 7
Skill Form: Aggressive
Description: Attack a distant enemy with a kick
that instantly close the gap between the target
and the player. When in Tumbling status, the
caster's Base Level affects the amount of
inflicted damage. Flying Kick will have
increased damage affected by Base Level during
Sprint status. If Spurt and Sprint statuses are
both active, Flying Kick will inflict enhanced
damage. Flying Kick will also cancel most
positive statuses on the target, which include
Spirit statuses endowed by Soul Linkers, One
Hand Quicken, Kaahi, Kaite, and the Berserk
Potion effect. However, Stalkers can protect
themselves from this positive status removal
effect with their Preserve skill.
Soul Linkers cannot perform this skill.
[Lv 1] 70 SP, 40% Atk
[Lv 2] 60 SP, 50% Atk
[Lv 3] 50 SP, 60% Atk
[Lv 4] 40 SP, 70% Atk
[Lv 5] 30 SP, 80% Atk
[Lv 6] 20 SP, 90% Atk
[Lv 7] 10 SP, 100% Atk


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.