MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Push Cart 3
Skill Form : Active
Type : Supportive
Target: Caster Only
Description : Requires the user to have a pushcart equipped. Consumes SP 30 and opens a custom shop from which items can be sold to other players.
Only items stored in the Pushcart can be sold, The number of items available for sale increases with each level.

[Lv 1] : Item Stacks: 3items
[Lv 2] : Item Stacks: 4items
[Lv 3] : Items Stacks: 5items
[Lv 4] : Items Stacks: 6items
[Lv 5] : Items Stacks: 7items
[Lv 6] : Items Stacks: 8items
[Lv 7] : Items Stacks: 9items
[Lv 8] : Items Stacks:10items
[Lv 9] : Items Stacks:11items
[Lv10] : Items Stacks:12items

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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.