Slow Grace
Slow Grace
MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Hip Shaker 3
Skill Form: Supportive
Range: 5 cells
around the caster

Description: Decrease the Attack and Movement
Speeds of all enemies that are within this
skill's range. Slow Grace will also cancel
any statuses that increase Movement and
Attack Speed for 180 seconds.
Consumes 1 SP every 10 seconds while active.

[Lv 1]:28sp, -3% Aspd, -2% Mspd
[Lv 2]:31sp, -6% Aspd, -4% Mspd
[Lv 3]:34sp, -9% Aspd, -6% Mspd
[Lv 4]:37sp, -12% Aspd, -8% Mspd
[Lv 5]:40sp, -15% Aspd, -10% Mspd
[Lv 6]:43sp, -18% Aspd, -12% Mspd
[Lv 7]:46sp, -21% Aspd, -14% Mspd
[Lv 8]:49sp, -24% Aspd, -16% Mspd
[Lv 9]:52sp, -27% Aspd, -18% Mspd
[Lv 10]:55sp, -30% Aspd, -20% Mspd


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.