MAX Lv: 5
Skill Requirement : Endow Tsunami 2
Skill Form: Supportive(Water Property)
Target: Ground
Description: Enchant an area on the ground so
that it will amplify all Water attacks and the
Max HP of Water property targets in its range.
This area will also enable the use of
Water Ball
Aqua Benedicta. Other Sage skills that
target the ground can't be cast over Deluge.
Initial cast requires 1 Yellow Gemstone, but
multiple casting of this skill will not consume
Gemstones throughout Deluge's active duration.

[Lv 1]:48sp, +10% Water Property
[Lv 2]:46sp, +14% Water Property
[Lv 3]:44sp, +17% Water Property
[Lv 4]:42sp, +19% Water Property
[Lv 5]:40sp, +20% Water Property


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.