MAX Lv : 10
Skill Requirement : Free Cast 4
Skill Form: Supportive
Description: Auto Cast certain magic spells by
a certain chance while battling enemies with
physical attacks. Spells that are auto cast
through Hindsight only consume 2/3 of the
required SP. Spells that are not learned by
the caster can't be cast.

[Lv 2]: Level 1Cold, Fire or Lightning Bolt
[Lv 3]: Level 2 Cold, Fire or Lightning Bolt
[Lv 4]: Level 3Cold, Fire or Lightning Bolt
[Lv 5]: Level 1Soul Strike
[Lv 6]: Level 2Soul Strike
[Lv 7]: Level 3Soul Strike
[Lv 8]: Level 1Fire Ball
[Lv 9]: Level 2Fire Ball000000
[Lv 10]:
Level 1Frost Diver
The level of the skill cast by Hindsight
is randomly determined and
limited to the
highest level learned by the caster


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Ghostring Card 1 obtained.